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Built from the ground up by battery experts with 30+ years of experience, RELiON’s InSight Series® line of batteries offer all the advantages of lithium batteries – longer life, lighter weight, no maintenance – with even more intelligent features built-in. Our team set out with specific design criteria based on our analyses of where existing lithium batteries fell short and resolved not to bring a battery to market unless it satisfied every criterion. The result is a lithium battery with the design elements that truly set it apart from any other option on the market.

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The Features that Make InSight Superior

From its superior battery design to its one-of-a-kind BMS, InSight batteries offers exclusive advantages you won’t find in competitive products, giving you an exceptional return on investment for years to come.


InSight batteries come in BCI group size GC2/GC8 allowing for easy installation without modifying trays or battery compartments.


InSight batteries offer freedom and flexibility by utilizing parallel connections, so you can scale your system to provide increased power and energy (up to 300Ah) as needed.


InSight Series® uses a carefully engineered cooling management system to quickly remove heat from inside the battery during conditions of high discharge and recharge currents. This prevents overheating of critical components and extends the life of the battery.


The robust Battery Management System features a combined total of 48 charge and discharge MOFSETs that control current flow in and out of the battery, along with multilayer protective devices that prevent over/under voltage, current and temperature conditions. The multilayer protection allows InSight batteries to pass stringent UL safety standards.


CANbus connections allow batteries to communicate real-time operating statistics like the voltage, current, state of charge and state of health, making InSight batteries more user friendly. Plus, all batteries feature a sleep and pulse recovery operation mode to conserve power.


RELiON’s Low Temperature (LT) models safely charge at temperatures down to -4°F. With a robust system that draws power from the charger itself, LT models do not require additional components – such as a heated blanket - to bring the the battery to a safe temperature for charging.

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Quality You Can Depend On

You can customize a lot about your equipment, but you can’t customize your battery. That’s for us to do, and you can trust that we did it right. Not only are InSight batteries built smarter, but they’re also built to the highest quality standards.

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Available InSight Series Models

Insight Series® Is available in 12V, 24V, and 48V models

InSight 12V Battery for Marine & RV


Meet the latest addition to the InSight Series® family! The InSight 12V is a 120Ah powerhouse lithium battery that outputs 160A continuous and offers higher peak discharge. Built specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in RV and Marine deep-cycle applications, the InSight 12V battery is a game-changer delivering unmatched power and performance.

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“As we snaked our way down Baja for a four-month adventure, the InSight 12V batteries performed better than expected. They are the heart of our electrical system and they are pivotal to powering our lifestyle on the go with quick and efficient charging rates. Not only was it easy to work all day, but we had Nespresso every morning, cooked with an Instant Pot most nights, and didn’t have to plug into shore power once.”

-Seth Hughes

InSight Series® 24V 60Ah


RELiON's InSight 24V lithium battery was built specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in floor machines, electric motorized hand trucks, walk behind pallet jacks, and other material handling applications. By eliminating the “opportunity charge” often required with lead-acid batteries, operators can complete their task without having to stop.

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InSight Series® 48V 30Ah


Our InSight 48V battery is the first drop-in replacement lithium battery built to meet the power and energy requirements in golf cars, utility vehicles, AGVs, and LSVs. It’s a standard size GC2/GC8 battery so there are no tray modifications needed.

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Certified to the Highest Standards

At RELiON, we do not cut corners. That's why we invest heavily in obtaining industry certifications, so you have peace of mind with your investment. InSight Series batteries boast several important industry certifications including UN38.3, CE, IEC, UL2580 and UL2271.

UN38.3 Certification Explained

Did you know the U.S. Department of Transportation and many international regulatory bodies require lithium batteries be certified to UN38.3 standards prior to transport? In this video, we explain the process for receiving a UN38.3 certification and the tests each RELiON battery must pass to ensure safety.

UL2271 Explained

UL2271 is a standard for batteries for use in light electric vehicle applications. Fun Fact: RELiON's Insight 48V is one of the only LEV batteries on the market today to attain UL2271 certification!

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