What is the High Performance Series?

HP Series batteries offer the capability to deliver a burst of high current for a short period of time. These current requirements are typically necessary to start a boat, generator motor, or an air conditioning compressor. Depending on the application, a single RELiON HP battery can be used for starting then double as a house needs power source. These batteries provide the high power needed to start your motor or generator, even after hours of powering your electronics. RELiON’s HP Series batteries are a perfect compromise between the unique demands of starting service and deep cycling, low amp draw service.

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Performance Features

Built for starting and cycling applications like marine and RV, the HP Series has increased peak amps for starting motors, electric start generators, and other high-amp-draw devices.

Cranking Power

Increased peak amps for starting motors, electric start generators, and other high-amp-draw devices.

Temperature Tolerant

Lithium batteries can handle a wide variety of conditions and are even 2.5x more efficient at low temperatures than lead-acid while being able to safely operate up to 149°F (65°C).


RELiON lithium batteries provide more power than lead-acid batteries and are typically half the weight. Boosting both performance and agility on the water.

Constant Power

Full power is available throughout discharge. Voltage does not drop like lead-acid.

Maintenance Free

Plug, play, and charge. No watering, no corrosion

More Usable Capacity

Lead-acid batteries are typically sized up to two times your energy needs to account for extended periods without sun and less usable energy with higher rates of discharge. Plus, you are typically cautioned to limit your use to 50% of the rated capacity, as using more can significantly reduce performance. Lithium batteries provide 100% of their rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. And, you can use it all and still get a substantially longer cycle life.

Partial State of Charge Tolerant

Partial state of charge, known as PSOC, which is a killer of lead-acid batteries, does not affect the performance or battery life of a lithium battery. Sometimes batteries don’t get fully charged, or they regularly operate in a partial state of charge. Either way, you can count on RELiON lithium batteries to live a long and productive life.

Longer Life

LiFePO4 batteries last up to 10x longer than lead-acid.

Advantages of the RELiON RB100-HP Lithium Marine Cranking Battery

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Our Selection of High Performance Series Batteries



RELiON's RB100-HP is a deep-cycle lithium-ion battery built for starting and cycling, with increased peak amps for starting motors, electric start generators, and other high-amp-draw devices – plus, it doubles as a house battery, powering peripherals, accessories, and more. The RB100-HP now includes six battery terminals versus the two on standard batteries, offering users more flexibility when connecting electronics to the battery.

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The RB300-HP is a 12V 300Ah lithium battery that can be used to start motors, electric start generators, and other high amp draw devices. After starting, the battery can double as a house battery providing power for peripherals, accessories, and other onboard needs. The RB300-HP is a powerhouse for use in many marine applications including sailboats and catamarans.

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Customer Testimonial

Brian W.​

Brian W.​

Boat Owner

"The RB100-HP as my main cranking battery that powers all of the electronics (3 including power hungry live scope) live wells, talon shallow water anchors, lights, trim ect. has performed beyond expectation. At the end of a tournament day with everything running I still have 13.2 volts. The recovery time for charging is lighting fast and the huge weight difference switching from heavy AGM's has increase the fuel economy with my outboard and overall performance of my boat. Glad I made the switch to Relion!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one HP battery connected?
No, HP batteries are not allowed to be connected in parallel with other HP batteries.
Do I connect HP batteries series or parallel?
HP batteries are not allowed to be connected in parallel or in series.
Can I connect my HP battery with another battery bank such as Lithium or Lead Acid?
Direct connections between an HP battery and another bank are not allowed. However, indirect connections are allowed through the proper installation of an regulating device such as an Isolator, DC/DC charger, or Relays.
Can I use my existing lead-acid battery charger (Wet, AGM or Gel) to charge RELiON lithium iron phosphate batteries?
In general, lithium batteries are charger-friendly. Most chargers today have a lithium charge profile, which is what we recommend using. In most instances, AGM or gel charge profiles will work with our batteries. We do not recommend the use of a flooded charge profile with our batteries. These chargers may reach the overvoltage protection limit and disconnect. It won’t damage the battery but will likely result in charger faults. Before using any charger with RELiON batteries it is best to first verify the charge profile is within our specifications, which can be found in our Charging Instructions. Be sure to read over our charging guide in detail prior to charging your RELiON battery.
How much can I discharge my RB100-HP dual-purpose battery and still start my engine?
The RB100-HP can be discharged up to 70% (30% state of charge) and still start most engines.
Can I temporarily connect my HP battery with another standard Relion Lithium battery (not HP model) or Lead Acid battery for starting assistance?
Yes, however this must only be for Temporary purposes, and conducted in a safe manner that properly limits the current such as a properly rated switch, or jumper cables that are UL certified.

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