Lithium Batteries for Material Handling Equipment

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Lithium vs. Lead-Acid Batteries

Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency, a longer life span, and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power. Many flooded lead-acid batteries off-put gas fumes can create an unpleasant work environment without proper ventilation. RELiON’s LiFePO4 batteries offer the safest lithium chemistry by being inherently stable and non-combustible and free from dangerous and messy outgassing, fumes, and leaks.

LiFePO4 Batteries for Material Handling

Lithium Advantages

Temperature Tolerant

2.5x more efficient operation at low temperatures, InSight batteries have significantly more capacity and voltage retention in the cold when compared to lead-acid batteries and are safely operational up to 149° (65°C).

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Changing batteries less often means fewer replacement and labor costs.

Partial State of Charge Tolerant

If operated in PSOC there is no damage. This is one of the leading causes of early failure in lead-acid batteries.

Highly Efficient

Fast recharge time and a 99% efficient recharge process, which means less wasted electricity.

Longer Life

Up to 10X longer life span compared to lead-acid batteries.


RELiON lithium batteries are maintenance-free – no watering, no corrosion. Low self-discharge means the batteries don’t lose capacity when they’re idle, assuring that you have the energy you need, every time you need it.

More Useable Capacity

25-50% more usable capacity than lead-acid batteries with full power available through most of the discharge.

Extra Safe

Inherently safe chemistry coupled with the BMS and protective features at the individual cell level provide maximum protection.

The Benefits of Lithium Batteries for Material Handling

How to Install InSight 24V Batteries into a Pallet Jack

InSight GC2 24V


RELiON’s InSight 24V UL-certified lithium battery was built specifically to meet the power and energy requirements in electric motorized hand trucks, walk behind pallet jacks, scissor lifts, and aerial work platforms. InSight features all the benefits of lithium batteries – longer life, no maintenance, faster charging – with even more intelligent features built-in. From its superior battery design to its one-of-a-kind BMS and intuitive software, InSight 24V batteries offer exclusive advantages you won’t find in competitive products. The InSight 24V battery meets UN, CE, and IEC certifications.

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How Lithium Batteries Improve Efficiency & Reduce Labor Costs

Lithium batteries play an important role in warehouse functioning. They are easily compatible with efficient, automated guided vehicles commonly found in warehouses, they are safer, they last longer, and they reduce the space needed for storage.

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Proven Power

Hyster-Yale Group offers their dealers RELiON’s innovative InSight Series® line of lithium batteries. RELiON’s lithium batteries have a proven track record already integrated with over 1,000 Hyster® and Yale® electric lift trucks.

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