We’re a global company with worldwide distribution, so we push ourselves to lead not only the industry, but the world in battery storage research, manufacturing and sales.


Established in 2012 Global Headquarters Charlotte, NC USA Offices: Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles International Offices: London, England & Shenzhen, China


In a word, we’re Invested. This is our promise, our operating principle, and our commitment to providing safe, reliable power to people around the world. We’re more than a battery maker: we’re a responsible corporate citizen, an engaged and collaborative business partner, and an admired employer.

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Always Innovating

No two batteries are ever the same at RELiON because innovation happens every day and our processes, technologies and products are continually improving. That’s why the lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market say RELiON, a name that says so much more.

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Batteries Know No Bounds

From marine and recreational vehicles to electric vehicles, renewable energy and more, RELiON manufacturers batteries for these and many other applications. We’ll even custom engineer a solution to meet your needs. Start by selecting the market you’re searching for and go from there.

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