Lithium-Ion Battery Regulations To Know

Lithium-ion batteries provide reliable power for a variety of tasks and activities but have recently come under intense speculation as to their safety. To assuage the concerns that were had regarding lithium-ion safety, various regulations have been created in the last few years to help ensure the highest standards of safety for these batteries.

How to Choose the Right Pallet Jack Battery

Choosing the right pallet jack battery can be tough, especially since there are so many variables to take into consideration that could impact your business’s bottom line. To make the best pallet jack battery choice, it is imperative to understand the factors that can directly impact your business operations - from improving productivity to reducing labor costs.

Using A Portable Power Station In The Winter

Portable power stations can offer you a vast number of benefits during the winter season that ranges from practical ones like reducing energy costs and dealing with erratic weather to solutions for your holiday season party planning and sports activities.

Battery IP Ratings And What They Mean

Knowing the ingress progression (IP) of a battery can help you choose the one that offers you the most protection. Ideally, all the batteries you so heavily rely on would be impenetrable to liquids and solids that could penetrate their barriers. Unfortunately, not all devices are impermeable to elements like water, dust, or sand.

The Benefits Of Using Lithium Batteries For Ice Fishing

Lead-acid batteries have a variety of downsides like inefficiency when used in the cold for extended periods of time, and heavy weight. Lithium-ion batteries provide all the same benefits and more that traditional batteries offer ice fishing enthusiasts without the significant downsides that often come with lead-acid batteries.

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