Using A Portable Power Station In The Winter

Portable power stations can offer you a vast number of benefits during the winter season that ranges from practical ones like reducing energy costs and dealing with erratic weather to solutions for your holiday season party planning and sports activities.

Battery IP Ratings And What They Mean

Knowing the ingress progression (IP) of a battery can help you choose the one that offers you the most protection. Ideally, all the batteries you so heavily rely on would be impenetrable to liquids and solids that could penetrate their barriers. Unfortunately, not all devices are impermeable to elements like water, dust, or sand.

The Benefits Of Using Lithium Batteries For Ice Fishing

Lead-acid batteries have a variety of downsides like inefficiency when used in the cold for extended periods of time, and heavy weight. Lithium-ion batteries provide all the same benefits and more that traditional batteries offer ice fishing enthusiasts without the significant downsides that often come with lead-acid batteries.

Lithium Batteries For Prepping

Adequate prepping allows people the chance to respond to increased power outages, disruptions in food supplies and lack of access to fresh water. As more people are becoming aware of the frequency of these problems, they are investing more in backup power sources.

RELiON® Lithium Batteries Power Virtual Reality Deep Sea Diving

In 2017, Sub Sea Systems (SSS) introduced the Aquaticar, an underwater ride that won IAAPA’s Brass Ring Award for Best New Product. In 2018, they partnered with Ballast Technologies, a Silicon Valley company and market leader in the VR space, to create a new way to experience virtual reality - underwater.

Rowing Across The Atlantic With The Help Of Lithium Power

Read about how the four woman team of Salty Science will take part in the annual Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, in which they will spend between 40 to 60 days at sea, rowing over 3,000 miles - all completely unassisted. Most importantly, the Salty Science team is undertaking this huge challenge in order to raise funds for ocean conservation related charities.

Lithium-ion Batteries & Cold Weather

Cold weather impacts not only lithium-ion batteries, but all batteries, and knowing about the impacts that weather has on your battery can help you make the best choice when purchasing one - from longevity to cost savings to daily performance.

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