ABYC E-13 Standards for Lithium Batteries on Marine Vessels

To address these concerns and ensure the safety and reliability of lithium batteries in boats, the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has established standards, notably ABYC E-13. Below we cover the key components of ABYC E-13, why it’s important for lithium batteries, and how you can ensure your battery meets these standards.

Powering Up Remote & Off-Grid Job Sites with Lithium Batteries

Whether you’re a digital nomad who chooses to work remotely or have a job that requires you to work off-grid like a solar installer, it’s essential that you have a reliable source of power to fuel your work each day. Understand the technical challenges of this lifestyle, what your power generation source options are, as well as how to choose the best battery system for your needs.

Living Large with a Tiny Home: Q&A with Jarrod Tocci

In mid-2022, Jarrod decided it was time to head back home to the East Coast to be near his family again and pursue his dream of designing and building a fully off-grid, 250-square-foot tiny home on wheels in Maine. We spoke with Jarrod about how he went about his tiny home build, what his energy system consists of, and advice he has for those considering embarking on a similar minimalist journey.

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