Can Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Save You Money Over Time?

LFP batteries offer many advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, but have also come with a higher retail cost. When comparing the operation lifetime of a lithium battery to lead-acid and other options, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more cost-effective over their lifetime. This makes them a very popular choice for RVs, boats, golf carts, and solar systems. Read more about how the advantages of lithium batteries can save you money in the long run.

Celebrating World Food Day with Food Forward

In honor of World Food Day, we’re highlighting one of our 1% for the Planet nonprofit partners Food Forward. Learn more about their organization and the programs they create to help supply food to people in need throughout Southern California.

Walking Our Way to A Healthier Future With Come Alive Outside

Over the Summer, 20+ RELiON employees participated in our nonprofit partner Come Alive Outside’s 100 Miles, 100 Days walking challenge. We caught up with Arwen Turner, the Executive Director of Come Alive Outside, to learn more about how they got started and the impact they are having today.

How To Make Camping Comfortable With Off Grid Power Options

Going camping can be a great way to reset your spirit and unwind from the modern world, but many still want to have the comfort they have at home while they enjoy nature. Discover what type of camping is right for you and how to power your living essentials with the help of solar battery systems and portable power stations.

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