Power Your Saltwater Fishing Adventures With Lithium Batteries

Saltwater fishing boats are becoming more powerful and provide options for some pretty advanced marine technology. In this article, learn more about the different types of saltwater fishing boats, what they are used for, and how RELiON lithium batteries can power your success in the inlets and out in the open ocean.

What Is Lithium Battery Protection Mode?

What is Protection Mode? That's what it means when RELiON lithium batteries shut down and have zero volts on the terminals. Learn what different situations will cause this to happen to your battery, how to prevent them, and how to get your battery back to charge.

Interview With Ocean Conservation Nonprofit Rozalia Project

We caught up with one of our nonprofit partners the Rozalia Project to learn more about their mission and to get a glimpse of where they see themselves in five years. Rozalia Project is an ocean conservation nonprofit focused on removing plastic waste from our oceans.

How To Use A Portable Power Source For Tailgating

Football season is back! It’s time to cheer on your favorite college or professional football team and prepare to take your tailgating setup to the next level. One of the most important factors to your tailgate? Power! You can’t have a tailgate without speakers, a grill, or even a TV depending on your style. Read how RELiON lithium can enhance your next football season celebration.

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