Bassmaster Pro Matt Arey Chooses RELiON Lithium Batteries

Posted December 09, 2021

What's up y'all? Bassmaster Elite Series pro Matt Arey here, and I'll talk to you real quick about probably one of the most important pieces of equipment in my Ranger bass boat, and that's my marine batteries. You know, I choose RELiON lithium batteries for a lot of different reasons.

  • Durability
  • They're lightweight
  • Reliability

How Lithium Batteries Benefit Me On The Water

My job depends on everything working properly for long periods of time when I'm out there on the water on practice days that are 13 to 14 hours, on tournament days that are 8 or 9 hours, and I run a lot of equipment off those batteries. I run the power poles, my big engine, I run my trolling motor, I run all my graphs. So, me being able to go out there on the water and have peace of mind to where I don't have to worry about battery failure to get my job done is extremely critical in having a successful career as a professional angler.

My Ranger Z520L bass boat uses three long-lasting, energy-dense RELiON RB100 batteries to power its trolling motor. The boat also uses one robust RELiON RB100HP high-performance deep cycle battery for cranking as well as to power four 12-inch Lowrance HDS-12 LIVE units, accessory lights, and a live well oxygenator.

How RELiON Supports Conservation

One of the really cool things about RELiON is their part of the Limitless Blue deal, and part of that is they actually donate 1% of their net profit to organizations that help fight a lot of the environmental challenges that our world's going through right now. That's extremely important because it's conservation-minded and I'm obviously big on conservation. I've enjoyed, you know, outdoor sports, all my life, and outdoor adventures. I want our future generations to be able to enjoy these same opportunities that I've had, and RELiON helps take part in being able to support that. So, that's really critical and really important to me.

Why Choose RELiON?

RELiON is a great company and the customer service is unmatched. The batteries? I'll tell you what, I've been using them for a full season on the Bassmaster Elite Series now, without any failures whatsoever. As I said, RELiON is the battery that I choose for a lot of different reasons. If you have any questions on how lithium batteries can benefit your bassboat, contact a RELiON team member today and they will be sure to get you set up with the best power options for your time on the water. To learn more about how to calculate your energy needs and find the optimal battery for your application and usage, visit our Lithium Battery Selector Tool.