Meet Engineering Demand For A High-Performance Energy Solution

Say goodbye to diminishing profits and unsatisfied customers. Your product engineering gains a competitive market advantage when you choose lithium as your power source. The best LiFePO4 batteries designed by RELiON boost your product performance and are the safer, more efficient way to meet your product’s energy needs.

Offering 10 times the life span at a fraction of lead acid batteries’ weight, let a lithium battery power your customers’ adventures. And, with the largest stock in North America manufactured to meet the specifications of products all over the world, RELiON is the global battery provider for all your LiFePO4 battery needs.

Elevate Your Product’s Potential

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Gain The Lithium Advantage

Faster charging, longer day-to-day life and fewer maintenance requirements:
There’s a lot to love about your new lithium-ion battery. When you choose us as your battery provider, you gain all the advantages of one of the best LiFePO4 batteries along with concierge service provided by our PowerPros.

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Green Carpet Service

With PowerPro experts that go the extra mile, complimentary battery recycling and a dedication to sustainability, at RELiON, you'll always receive unparalleled service.

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24-Hour Rapid Reply

Never wait for a response again. Within 24 hours of contacting RELiON, a certified PowerPro schedules a free consultation to meet all of your lithium needs.

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RELiON PowerPros

When you're purchasing a lithium iron phosphate battery, you want feedback from the experts. Each PowerPro is able to answer any and all questions you have about your power needs.

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Energize Your Applications

Whether your customers need efficient power on the golf course or on the open sea, a lithium iron phosphate battery delivers a better performance.
Lithium is the preferred battery solution for the following applications:



At a quarter of the weight of lead acid alternatives, LiFePO4 battery packs reduce your boat’s draft, allowing your customers to navigate shallow waters and reach their destination with ease.

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With LiFePO4 battery packs, your customers are able to use stored solar energy when electricity prices rise due to peak demand. Plus, they’re making a positive contribution to the environment by powering their home using green energy.

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ups and switchgear

UPS And Switchgear

A backup power source is critical to keep operations running during a power failure. That’s why your customers need a reliable battery. With a longer life span and a durable build, LiFePO4 battery packs are the safest bet in an emergency.

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Lithium’s lighter weight gives your customers a leg up on the competition in powersports racing. They’re able to achieve a faster holeshot, accelerating more quickly off the starting line.

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mobility batteries

Mobility Batteries

If your customers rely on a wheelchair or electric scooter on a daily basis, they don’t want to wait around for their battery to charge. A LiFePO4 battery packs charges 30 percent faster than most lead acid batteries, supporting an on-the-go lifestyle.

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proprietary custom packs

Proprietary Custom Packs

Whether you need an odd-shaped battery or you can’t find the right solution for your application, we’re able to help you design a custom LiFePO4 battery tailored to your product’s needs.

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Your customers want to keep their golf cart in the best shape possible to extend its life. Lightweight LiFePO4 batteries reduce wear and tear, so customers have fewer maintenance costs coming out of their pocket.

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A low-quality battery may cost your customers a mission. Due to electrolyte loss, sulphation and challenging maintenance requirements, lead acid batteries are prone to premature failure. A LiFePO4 battery is the more reliable option during critical operations.

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recreational vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

The best LiFePO4 batteries charge at nearly 100 percent efficiency compared to 85 percent for lead acid. If your customers are charging their RV battery by running a generator, they save on fuel costs by reducing energy waste.

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electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

With less frequent charging required, a LiFePO4 battery allows customers to take their electric vehicle out for longer periods of time, so they won’t run out of battery power before reaching their destination.

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agm batteries


R4000 Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are available for all of your applications. A low internal resistance enables these sealed lead acid batteries to deliver high currents. AGM batteries also charge up to five times faster than flooded lead acid batteries.

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