Recall Summary

Name of product: RELiON InSight Series® 48V 30Ah

Hazard: In certain and rare circumstances the battery can overheat, leading to a potential thermal event and a risk of fire.

Remedy: Replacement

Consumers should immediately stop using the RELiON InSight Series® 48V battery if it is included within the recalled serial numbers and contact your point-of-sale representative. A replacement battery with a new warranty period will be provided at no cost to you.

How to Identify if Your Battery is Part of the Recall

Certain lots of the RELiON InSight Series® 48V lithium-ion battery, Model number 48V030-GC2. The impacted serial number ranges are RB48300020210314057- RB48300020210314729, RB48300020210330001- RB48300020210330715, and RB48300020210507012-RB48300020221016550. The serial number of the recalled product can be found on the side of the battery. The intended use includes, but is not limited to, golf carts, low-speed vehicles, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and outdoor utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). The batteries can be utilized as stand-alone units or connected in an approved parallel architecture to increase capacity.


For further instructions and to verify the battery is within the recall range, please contact the RELiON recall representative using one of the below contact options:

Recall support number:

  • Australia Recall support:

    New Zealand Recall support: