Pro Angler Insights on the Top Fishing Batteries of 2024

Posted January 11, 2024

For professional anglers, the pursuit of the perfect catch goes hand in hand with the need for reliable and powerful marine batteries. Whether navigating vast lakes, trolling for hours, or relying on sophisticated electronics, a top-notch fishing battery ensures a seamless fishing experience. As we step into 2024, several batteries have emerged among pro anglers as the go-to choices, providing the perfect blend of durability, performance, and cutting-edge technology. We recently spoke with pro anglers Andrew Upshaw, from Let’s Fish TV, and Matt Becker about what factors to consider when selecting a fishing battery and which batteries exceed their expectations in all of these categories.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Battery

1. Long-lasting energy

Upshaw: “It’s essential to choose a battery that can maintain a charge throughout the entire day. When I’m trolling around looking for bass, the battery’s reliability is crucial to my success. A bad battery means a bad day.”

Becker: “I really put my equipment to the test, and I need a battery that can withstand it all while still lasting all day long, no matter how much I need to use it.”

2. High power

Becker: “Beyond the battery simply lasting all day, you also need to be sure the battery will maintain high power throughout each day. This enables me to achieve peak performance.”

Matt Becker 2023 Angler Of The Year

3. Battery chemistry

Upshaw: “Lead-acid batteries really are becoming a thing of the past due to their high maintenance, short lifespans, and not being able to discharge them as deeply without harming them. When it comes to lithium battery chemistry, I strongly recommend going with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4 or LFP). They are not prone to thermal runaway or fire and are the most environmentally friendly batteries - all while providing top notch performance.”

Becker: “There are many benefits to lithium over lead-acid batteries, including much faster charging, lighter weight and more cycles. The biggest reason I made the switch from lead-acid is having 100% power for the entire life of the cycle. For instance, I can leave my trolling motor on speed 4, and get the same performance when the battery is at 99% or 1% life remaining. It’s truly incredible.”

4. Space and weight

Upshaw: “Weight and size are very important when it comes to batteries. The less weight I can have in my boat, the faster my boat will go. The less space the battery takes up, the more space I have for extra equipment.”

Becker: “It is very important that the battery be able to fit into a Group 31 Battery Tray as most bass boats are designed to fit those. Lighter batteries also improve boat speed.”

5. Manufacturer reputation

Upshaw: “Reputation is everything. I have a lot of the same sponsors I started my fishing career with. This is because they are honorable companies that have excellent reputations that have stood the test of time due to always putting the customer first.”

Becker: “A manufacturer’s reputation is extremely important. There are plenty of horror stories about batteries, so I only ever want to use a manufacturer with a solid reputation. If I didn’t factor this in, I’d be putting my own reputation at stake. I’ve seen many anglers take risks on battery companies only to end up completely regretting it in the end.”

Rb100 Top Bass Boat Battery

The Top Fishing Batteries of 2024

1. The RELiON RB36V40

Upshaw: “The RB36V40 has allowed me to significantly cut down on space and weight. I was skeptical at first, not going to lie. I mean, one battery? I didn’t think it was possible to have just one battery operate so much! But all that worry is out the window. I’ve used it all day long, day after day, and it is beyond reliable. One time I even realized while out on the water that I hadn’t charged the battery in two days, but still had no issues.”

Becker: “This battery enabled me to have a separate, reliable and long-lasting 36V system to run my trolling motor. It was also very simple to install because it offers parallel wiring and improved connectors. For example, if you want more power from your 12 volt battery by increasing the voltage, but you do not have a battery that can be wired in parallel, you would need to wire in series, which makes for a much more complicated installation process. You don’t have to deal with these headaches with the RB36V40 due to the parallel wiring capabilities.”

RB36v40 Top Fishing Batteries

2. The RELiON RB100

Upshaw: “While I have loved using RELiON’s latest RB36V40 battery, its RB100 battery still makes the list for the top batteries in 2024. This compact, energy dense, long-lasting battery powered me reliably through countless tournaments and practice days. I still highly recommend this battery to both seasoned and novice anglers.”

Becker: “RB100 batteries powered the trolling motor in my Phoenix 21 PHX for many years. I have lost count of how many anglers I know that also swear by this highly durable and lightweight battery. They were easy to install and they never once disappointed me - always exceeding my expectations with their longevity and power.”

In the realm of professional angling, the right fishing battery is more than a power source; it's a strategic investment in success on the water. By heeding the advice of these seasoned pro anglers, you can select the best fishing battery for your specific requirements. With the right power source at your disposal, you can focus on what matters most – reeling in that trophy catch. If you still have any questions about which battery is best for your fishing needs, get in touch with an expert at RELiON.