Traversing North America Full-Time with a Truck Camper

Posted January 30, 2024
Seth Hughes Full Time Truck Camping

For six years, Seth Hughes, his wife, and their dog roamed North America with an Airstream. They had many adventures along the way - from Newfoundland to Mexico. However, over time, they began to realize there were a lot of places they wanted to visit that were not accessible with a 25-foot trailer in tow. They also wanted to go further into the wilderness and have the option to distance themselves from the hordes of campers that swelled during the pandemic. At the end of 2021, they decided to make the switch to a beautiful new, more compact truck camper and haven’t looked back since.

After depending on RELiON lithium batteries to fuel their off-grid Airstream adventures for years, Seth and his wife decided to outfit their new truck camper with the same brand of batteries. However, this time they decided to use two InSight 120 Ah, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries due to their high power output. Unlike many lithium batteries, InSight batteries are uniquely capable of charging at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F), making them ideal for when Seth travels to cold weather locations. The InSight batteries were also much lighter and more powerful than the lead-acid alternative that came stock in their camper. In addition to the InSight batteries, Seth’s nuCamp Cirrus 820 truck camper’s power system also consists of a 600-watt Grape solar panel array, a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller, a 2000-watt BougeRV Pure Sine Wave Inverter, and a Redarc Dual Input 50A in-Vehicle DC Battery Charger.

Seth and dog install new camper batterySince downsizing his RV and installing this power system, Seth has traveled to the French Alps to document UTMB - the most famous trail running race in the world. It’s a 100-mile foot race that circumnavigates the Mont Blanc, or ‘white mountain,’ which stands at 15,766 feet and is the highest point in western Europe. Seth also recently traveled to Baja California, Mexico, where he learned how to kite surf.

In addition to exploring the Alps and Mexico, Seth and his friend also took their motorcycles out for two full days to ride all 160 miles of the Colorado classic 4x4 trail known as the Rimrocker. It stretches from the cool air of the San Juan Mountains in Western Colorado across the Utah border into the triple-digit heat of Moab.

With his busy lifestyle and wide range of climates and sites visited, Seth’s new power system has enabled him to challenge his limits without worrying about whether he will have enough power left at the end of each day. The InSight batteries have performed particularly well in the colder regions he’s visited and also enabled Seth to focus more on his photography work, while also exploring the surrounding region.

Seth Truck Camping Baja

In fact, Seth has been able to expand his photography business, including through his work with BOA, a Colorado company that specializes in creating innovative footwear solutions that enhance fit and improve human performance in sports like snowboarding, skiing, trail running, and cycling. Some of Seth’s other clients have included National Geographic and Conde Nast.

According to Seth, power and electricity have been vital to his comfort, safety, and ability to travel and work remotely. The reliability and performance of the InSight system have enabled him to travel further and push beyond the boundaries of his home state and nation. As a result, he has expanded his geographic limits and the locations he’s been able to travel to to capture one-of-a-kind photographs. Follow along with Seth’s adventures and incredible photography work on Instagram.