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All you need to know about RELiON products.

Knowing What Battery to Choose

​What is the warranty with RELiON Batteries?

How do I store my RELiON lithium batteries?

Do my RELiON lithium batteries have peak current limitations?

Does RELiON offer a lithium starter battery?

Are my RELiON Lithium batteries waterproof?

How long will my RELiON lithium batteries last?

Will my existing battery gauge provide an accurate state of charge for my lithium batteries?

What does it mean if the voltage of my RELiON lithium battery is ≤4-Volts?

Are RELiON lithium batteries a drop-in replacement to my lead-acid battery?

What size terminals and bolts come on RELiON batteries?

How do I prep my lithium battery for off-season storage?

How to Read RELiON's Data Sheets - Part 2

How to Read RELiON's Data Sheets - Part 1

What Is Lithium Battery Protection Mode?

The Difference Between Dual Purpose, Deep Cycle, And Starting Batteries For Boats

High Performance Series

Which Mercury Marine® outboard models are approved for use with the RB100-HP?

Has the RB100-HP battery been approved for use with Mercury Marine® outboards?

What specifications do lithium-ion batteries need to meet to be approved for use with Mercury Marine® outboards?

I have an RB100-HP for cranking and but it's not enough to run all of my electronics. Can I add an RB100 in parallel?

How much can I discharge my RB100-HP dual-purpose battery and still start my engine?

Does RELiON offer a dual-purpose or starting battery?

InSight Series

How Often to Charge InSight 48V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

How To Store InSight 48V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Safety Certifications For InSight 48V Lithium Batteries

Charging Algorithms For InSight Series 48V Lithium Batteries

How To Determine Your InSight 48V Lithium Battery State of Charge

How Strictly To Follow Recharging Limits For InSight Series® Lithium Batteries

How to Install And Charge InSight 48V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

What Is A BMS and What Makes InSight Series Batteries Smart?

What Is The InSight Series® 48V Lithium Battery?

What are regen currents and why are they important?

Installing InSight 24V Batteries into a Pallet Jack

How to Install RELiON Insight Series Lithium Battery Remote Button

What Makes RELiON's InSight Battery Better

InSight Series® LED Functionality

What is the InSight Series®?

How do I determine the number of InSight 48V Golf Cart batteries I need?

How do I install InSight 48V batteries?

Can InSight batteries be connected in parallel or series?

Why do I need spacer batteries?

What is the available range with InSight batteries?

How to Install RELiON InSight Series® 48V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Legacy Series

There are a few RB100 battery options, which one is right for me?

How many CCAs (cold cranking amps) does the RB100 have?

Portable Power

What’s the difference between a portable power station and a generator?

What is a portable power station?

Different Uses For The Outlaw Portable Power Station

How To Make Camping Comfortable With Off Grid Power Options

Features of the Outlaw® 1072S Portable Power Station

What can the Outlaw® 1072S Power?