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Can I use my existing lead-acid charger to charge lithium batteries?

We encourage new Lithium battery owners to use a charger that has a Lithium specific charge profile for LiFePO4 batteries. These are easy to find since most chargers on the market today have a lithium charge profile, and LiFePO4 is the predominant Lithium battery chemistry in the marketplace. However, some customers would like to continue using their existing Lead-Acid charger if possible. Although many existing lead-acid chargers will still charge our Lithium battery, it is generally discouraged to do this. The risk is the lead-acid chargers may wind up in fault code condition at some point, despite the Lithium battery probably having received a full recharge. The problem is that the conditions incurred during the fault codes can also cause issues and/or damage to other system electronics, and even the charger itself. Therefore, we strongly recommend you use a Lithium battery charger. If this recommendation is neglected then it is best to choose AGM, Gel, sealed battery charge profiles to charge a Lithium battery.

Be sure to read over our charging guide in detail prior to charging your RELiON battery.

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