Seth Hughes

Photographer + Videographer

Originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Seth’s love of photography began at a young age. Between his grandmother, an adept photographer and artist who regularly placed cameras in front of him, and nearby sites such as the Grand Tetons, Seth was off and running. He later studied traditional art and multimedia at a college in Seattle and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography at The Art Institute of Colorado in 2006. He has been shooting commercial and editorial assignments professionally ever since, including for clients like National Geographic and Conde Nast.

Seth eventually married a freelance writer and fellow adventurer and in 2014 they decided to live off-grid, full-time out of their Airstream to maximize their travel experiences while minimizing their impact on the environment. They never imagined this experiment would turn into six years of extensive travel, including throughout Baja, Alaska, Canada, and Newfoundland. With a few years of nomadic life under their belts, they realized they were just getting started with their off-grid journey, Seth and his wife decided to upgrade to RELiON energy storage solutions. They’ve been able to focus exclusively on their work and exploring new places with greater peace of mind ever since.

Seth’s power system includes:

Seth’s Airstream Safari is powered by six RELiON RB100 lithium batteries, a 520W solar array, and a 100 amp DC to DC charger connected to the tow vehicle. This robust solar-plus-storage system powers a fridge, air conditioning, a microwave, a heavy-duty blender an Instant Pot, and their mobile office, including camera equipment, computers, and internet.

Why Seth switched to lithium:

“It was such a pain each day waiting for my old, inefficient, AGM batteries to charge completely. Especially in the wintertime. I couldn’t fully focus on work or exploring because I had to constantly plan around the limitations of these batteries to power my workstation and keep the Airstream warm.”

Why Seth chose RELiON:

“I have a few friends who installed RELiON batteries in their Airstreams and they had only great things to say about them. They exceeded my friends’ expectations and so I knew they’d be perfect for us as well. With twice the usable capacity, lower weight, and rapid charging capabilities, these batteries have been a game-changer.”

How Seth’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“Our RELiON system has given us the greater quality of life while traveling, as we can live much more comfortably. Now we can also truly boondock, camp in the wild, and be completely off-grid for longer periods of time.”

Seth’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“Lithium batteries blow lead-acid batteries out of the water when it comes to charging time, depth of discharge, and weight. You get what you pay for, and if you invest in lithium, you’ll save a ton of time and stress knowing you’ll have enough energy for every situation, all with less weight and a smaller footprint.”