Why Pay More for LiFePO4?

Despite the higher upfront cost of lithium-ion batteries, the true cost of ownership is far less than lead-acid when considering life span and performance. Changing batteries less often means fewer replacement and labor costs. These savings make lithium batteries a more valuable long-term investment than lead-acid batteries.

How Does a Lithium Battery Cost Less than Lead-Acid Over its Life?

Total Cost of Ownership Comparison

Compare the RELiON RB100 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery to three BCI Group 31 off-the-shelf lead-acid batteries.

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What Effects The Total Cost Of Your Battery?

These are the most important factors that contribute to the lifelong cost of your battery.

Retail Price

The up-front retail cost of the battery, is the largest cost of initial installation.


A nominal cost of installing a battery, is often performed by a skilled technician who in some cases must be scheduled and dispatched to the customer’s site. This cost is approximately the same for each battery type, however, the process must be repeated multiple times with lead-acid batteries over the life of a single LiFePO4 battery.


In the case of flooded lead-acid batteries, for example, this includes checking and topping off water levels and cleaning acid residue off the battery, and often the surrounding area, as well as cleaning and/or replacing nuts and bolts and cables that have become badly corroded. Lithium-ion batteries require no maintenance during their lifetime.

Battery Replacements

Includes a new replacement battery plus the cost of removal and installation by a qualified technician.


The nominal cost of electricity for charging the battery. It includes the need for overcharging lead-acid batteries to avoid stratification (the accumulation of lead sulfate on the battery’s plates). In our calculations, we assumed a DOD (depth-of-discharge) of 80% on all batteries before recharging was necessary.

How Can Lithium Save You Money?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries outperform lead-acid batteries and cost less over time. RELiON LiFePO4 batteries deliver more power and longer life in a lightweight, maintenance-free package. BCI-standard sizes are available for many types of applications.

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