InSight Series 12V Fuel Gauge

InSight Series 12V Fuel Gauge

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The InSight Series 12V Fuel Gauge helps you determine when it's time to charge your batteries. It’s a low current draw (29 milliamps), constantly backlit battery gauge that will show the state of charge for up to 14 InSight 12V batteries connected in parallel.



The fuel gauge receives real-time current data from all parallel connected battery CANs and calculates the remaining amp hours as a percentage from 0-100%.

The fuel gauge will display several messages throughout its operation cycle:

  • Number of batteries detected
  • State of Charge (SOC) as a percentage from 0-100%
  • A “LOBATT” message will display when the battery bank is below 20% SOC
  • A “LOBATT” message will flash when the battery bank is below 10% SOC



Operating Current 29 milliamps
Operating Temperature 14°F to 185°F (-10°C to 85°C)
Storage Temperatures -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Ingress Protection Rating IP67


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