Scott Ashmore

Major League Fishing Pro Angler

Ever since he could walk, Scott Ashmore has been captivated by fishing due to the never-ending opportunities to learn as well as the excitement of the competition. He grew up watching Bassmaster events on television and fishing with his father and grandfather in Oklahoma. It didn’t hurt that Scott was born and raised in the suburbs surrounding Tulsa, Oklahoma, where there are around six lakes an hour away in every direction. Scott loved fishing so much growing up that he purchased his first boat around the age that most Oklahomans buy their first car.

Years later, Scott’s lifelong dedication to fishing helped him to succeed in qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series during the Bassmaster Open in 2009, where he was the number one point leader in the South. In 2010, Scott attended his first tournament, the Bassmaster Classic. Thereafter, he fished the Bassmaster Elite Series for five years. As Scott steadily stepped up the level of competition, and as boat technology advanced, he came to realize that in order to stay competitive, he needed to upgrade his boat’s unreliable lead-acid battery bank that was weighing him down.

Scott’s power system includes:

Scott’s Phoenix 921 Elite bass boat is powered by four RELiON RB100 batteries. Three of these reliable and long-lasting batteries power Scott’s trolling motor. The fourth RB100 powers four Garmin fishing electronics units, fish finders, GPS, lights, live wells, pumps, and power poles.

Why Scott switched to lithium:

“Easy: the peace of mind. I was tired of worrying about whether my lead-acid batteries would last me through each training session and tournament. Lithium batteries are just far more dependable. Switching from lead-acid to lithium also removed around 200 pounds from my boat, which is essentially like removing a person. My boat is now much faster and I don’t have to worry about the batteries becoming weaker throughout the day like lead-acid batteries. I’ve had to jump-start dead acid batteries on the water on multiple occasions. I’ve never experienced this with RELiON lithium batteries.”

Why Scott chose RELiON:

“I did a ton of research to find the best lithium batteries. RELiON batteries are just far more energy-dense than the other lithium battery options available. I noticed that people were having to install multiple batteries just to reach the same storage capacity as a single RELiON battery. So many people have spent twice as much on their lithium battery systems and still don’t have the equivalent usable capacity or power as a much smaller RELiON battery bank. I also love that RELiON batteries use the safest battery chemistry, lithium iron phosphate, as well as come with built-in overcharge protection to safeguard the batteries and my boat.”

How Scott’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“Since RELiON lithium batteries weigh far less, I now draft less water and can fish in more shallow water. I also don’t have to worry about being stranded on the water due to dead batteries or needing to leave the water early to make sure I can find a spot at the hotel to recharge my batteries during a tournament. I always have power left over.”

What Scott loves most about bass fishing:

“I love the adrenaline rush of the competition and the fact that I never stop learning, even all these years later.”

Scott’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“It’s completely worth it, if only for the peace of mind. I guarantee you won’t regret it. You will likely ask yourself why you didn’t make the switch many years ago.”

For the past five years, Scott has been successfully participating in the Major League Fishing Big Five, formerly known as the 'FLW Tour,’ using his reliable and lightweight RELiON RB100 lithium batteries. Keep up with Scott’s latest adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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