Rozalia Project

Ocean Conservation

Beginning in 2010, the Rozalia Project has been on a mission to clean and protect our oceans. They work surface to seafloor and from multiple angles: prevention through education, remediation, innovation and doing solutions-based research. One of their main targets is marine debris. Non-biodegradable debris in the water is a documented hazard to marine life and humans.

The Rozalia Project uses their sailing vessel, American Promise, to take their mission off shore. Rozalia Project’s goal is to make American Promise the greenest sailing research vessel in the world. Thanks to numerous improvements over the years the ship is now able to sail without the use of a generator or plugging into shore power. 100% of the energy used comes from a combination of solar, wind and hydro power. Recently we donated two RB300's to reposer American Promise and covered the cost of installation. This helped American Promise go from two battery banks to one and install a submarine battery monitor. This will enable them to see how much power is coming into the batteries from the wind germinators, solar panels, and hydro generator as well as how much energy is being consumed.

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