Corey Whitaker

Overland Social Media Influencer

Corey Whitaker wears many hats in his daily life in Los Angeles, including being a dad to three energetic kids, an accountant by day, and a photographer at night. A Texas native, Corey has called the south side of L.A. home for over two decades now. For Corey and his family, this is an ideal location for those who love the outdoors as they do. With a diverse landscape that ranges from mountains and beaches to large lakes and deserts, Southern California is the perfect staging location for the monthly trips that Corey and his family like to take into the wild. As a new dad in 2015, Corey’s passion for travel led him to create a social media channel focused on nature, overlanding, and adventure. Through this social media channel, Corey was able to engage with and build a strong relationship with the overland community, and it was this same community that first introduced RELiON lithium batteries as an ideal solution to Corey’s personal travel needs.

Overland Dad with Kid

Corey’s Overland Power System:

Corey travels frequently to destinations with cold temperatures and he needs his truck to have reliable power at all times, especially since he has small children with him. To ensure that his family always has the requisite power for heated blankets, kid's toys, gadgets, and more, Corey relies on two RELiON InSight 12V-LT 120Ah batteries. These batteries work perfectly with Corey’s tendency to take his kids out to enjoy activities such as skiing and camping in the High Sierras because of the ability to charge fast, last long, and perform well in frigid temperatures. Corey knew that not all batteries are able to withstand cold temperatures or charge in low temperatures, but he knew that RELiON’s lithium battery could provide long-lasting power each day, no matter where his adventures took him.

Why Corey switched to lithium:

“When I started this journey with overlanding, my first trailer had a lead acid battery, but it was drained and destroyed only after a few short trips. Once I realized that lead acid was not compatible with my needs, including deep discharges and regular recharging, I tried switching to AGM batteries, but these also fell short of my expectations. It was the frustration with inferior charging in lead acid and AGM that led me to look for a way to eliminate this constant worry about how I was charging my trailer. Once I switched to lithium, I was able to focus my energy entirely on my travel experiences with my family by simply charging and forgetting with lithium, as it was reliable and long-lasting. I have never looked back since switching to lithium.”

Why Corey chose RELiON:

“It was through my online overland community that I was introduced to RELiON. Word of mouth in the online community coupled with the high praise and trust from my friends about RELiON meant that when it came time to select a brand for my lithium batteries, RELiON was the go-to choice.”

Overland Dad Camping With Family

How lithium helped Corey challenge his limits:

“Lithium batteries have freed me from the constraints that I faced with other battery choices that constantly needed me to babysit them. My lead acid batteries were always in danger of getting drained and could not offer me the peace of mind I needed to focus on my travels, especially as my family grew. I was so consumed with thinking about what I was powering and whether the battery would last us through the day that I was not able to focus on my journey and live in the moment. Lithium batteries have freed me from this and now I don’t have to think about whether or not my batteries are going to be able to power all of the essential electronics in my camper, as well as the gadgets that my kids bring with them on our trips, or be able to ensure that our heated blankets work all night. I now know that my batteries are strong enough to handle it all, often simultaneously. With the additional time I have saved by not being consumed with worry about my batteries, I have been able to work towards my goals like spending time teaching my kids to ski and to take more trips into nature - all without being constantly concerned about whether or not my batteries are going to make it through the night.”

Corey’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“After my experience with lead acid and AGM batteries, I know that they’re just not worth the hassle. You constantly have to worry about the battery’s state of charge and I don’t have the time or desire to have to monitor battery levels. Lithium batteries on the other hand are far superior. Once purchased and placed into service, you can literally forget about them. They just work! I will never bother with any other kind of batteries - my suggestion is to just start off on the right foot and go straight to the best and easiest choice. When you do the math, it makes sense over the long run to use lithium because they have much longer lifespans and greater energy density.”

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