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Which product do you use and for what?

I am running two RB100-HP in parallel for my electronics and big motor. That two battery system allows me to run the entire 12-volt portion of my Vexus (electronics, radio, aerator, big motor, cell phone charger, and anything else that might be 12V). Then, for my trolling motor I have three RB100 in series to make a 36V system that will run my trolling motor all day and sometimes for multiple days between charges.

Why did you decide to choose RELiON lithium batteries, specifically?

I researched lithium batteries and came across RELiON and decided to reach out. Shortly thereafter, I heard back from a gentleman and he did an amazing job explaining the difference between lithium ion and lithium iron. He not only was a wealth of knowledge; he was able to talk in terms of boat rigging and what I would need to do it correctly. I went on to do some more digging and found myself coming back to RELiON, and every time Brad was able to answer my questions or was willing to discuss with me. For me, it really came down to the product was great, but the people really rounded it out. I felt comfortable in making the investment after discussing with the folks at RELiON. In all my research, I really could not find anything to turn me away, great reviews, great product, and great people. I am all about the people.

Since using RELiON batteries, has there ever been a time, specifically, when you were grateful you had switched to lithium?

I am thankful every day on the water that I made the switch. Never a time I am not thankful. It really set in after I won the river event and heard all the guys in the boat yard talking about their trolling motors going low or dead on the water. I realized right then how much of a big difference they have been in my day to day operation on the water.

What would you tell a friend that is thinking about switching to lithium batteries?

It's a big investment, I understand that, but you won’t be disappointed. If you need reassurance or confidence to make the big purchase, call the folks at RELiON, they are a ton of help. Ask other friends that have them, they will tell you the same thing, “get them, they are worth every penny!”

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