Matt Arey

Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler

In 2009, Matt quit his job at a boat dealership and took the plunge to work full-time as a professional angler. Matt participated in the FLW Tour from 2007 to 2018 and was able to secure two wins from the front of the boat. He has consistently improved in the Angler of the Year standings and in 2012 he managed a career-high ninth-place in the race. Matt has qualified for the Forrest Wood Cup several times and has claimed countless top ten placements throughout his career. He has been fishing in the Bass Master Elite Series since 2019. Matt recently decided to upgrade his boat’s battery bank to lighter, fast charging, RELiON lithium batteries in order to stay competitive and improve his fishing further.

Matt’s power system includes:

Matt’s Ranger Z520L bass boat uses three long-lasting, energy-dense RELiON RB100 batteries to power his trolling motor. His boat also uses one robust RELiON RB100HP battery for cranking as well as to power four twelve-inch Lowrance HDS-12 LIVE units, accessory lights, and a live well oxygenator.

Why Matt switched to lithium:

“I had always used lead-acid batteries for fishing and it was such a pain to have to wait twelve hours for the batteries to recharge, as this often cut into my practice time. Lithium batteries not only charge much faster but also weigh about half as much, which allows me to navigate into shallower waters.”

Why Matt chose RELiON:

“Their customer service is top-notch and their batteries have been proven time and again to be very reliable and long-lasting. I know a lot of professional anglers that have made the switch to RELiON batteries, so that was really reassuring to me. I specifically sought and found the most reliable, worry-free batteries because fishing tournaments only have support crews for boat engines, not for the batteries themselves. The last thing I want to be worrying about while I’m practicing or competing is how much energy I have left in the batteries.”

How Matt’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“I can now draft into shallower water as a result of the weight difference. Most importantly, I can fish from sunrise to sunset without having to worry about whether the batteries will last me the whole day. I can charge these batteries from zero to one hundred percent in about two hours, which opens up over ten hours to focus exclusively on fishing rather than on charging the batteries.”

What Matt loves most about bass fishing:

“The fellowship. I’ve met so many incredible and inspiring people along the way. I also love that it allows me to explore the outdoors on a daily basis.”

Matt’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“I finally bit the bullet and made the investment and have absolutely no regrets. They’re worth every penny. There’s simply no comparison with lead-acid batteries, from weight to recharge time to how deeply you can discharge the batteries.”