Fabian & Isabela

Live and Give 4x4

Fabian, a German resident at the time, met his Brazilian girlfriend, Isabela, while traveling in Spain. In 2017, they decided to quit their jobs together to travel and live off-grid out of their solar-plus-storage powered Mercedes 4x4 overland truck. These newfound digital nomads formed the social enterprise LiveandGive4x4, which has enabled them to fulfill their dreams of both traveling the world full-time as well as giving back. So far, they’ve explored two continents and have been contributing to orphanages throughout Latin America over the past three years.

RELiON Batteries Used: two RB200 batteries

Why They Switched to Lithium Batteries:

"We’re just much more free now than when we had to use our lead-acid batteries, which were extremely heavy, took up far more space and died after just three years."

Why They Chose RELiON:

"These 12V 200Ah batteries are a perfect replacement for our old lead-acid battery bank and provide robust power in a small setup. Now we don’t have to constantly be thinking about recharging the batteries anymore, which directly translates into less stress as well as more time at beautiful destinations. Our RELiON system has truly been life changing. We also are able to run a lot more equipment at once without worrying about using too much energy or draining the system. This is significant as we’re always needing to film and edit our YouTube videos for our business, in addition to living our lives - cooking, keeping food cold, taking showers, and so forth."