Aaron & Tina Jones


After Aaron and Tina’s two daughters grew up and moved out of the house, they decided to make the most of their newfound life. In 2017, they purchased an RV, sold their home in Phoenix, Arizona, and began traveling to top destinations throughout the U.S. with a goal to visit every National Park.

They’ve since visited thirty six out of sixty two National Parks and now find themselves better able to visit their children in Salt Lake City and Phoenix as well as relatives across the U.S. In order to make their visits to the next half of the National Parks as comfortable and worry-free as possible, Aaron and Tina recently upgraded their lead-acid battery system to more reliable, robust and longer-lasting RELiON lithium batteries.

Aaron and Tina’s power system includes:

Aaron and Tina’s 2017 DRV Full House Toy Hauler power system consists of four RELiON RB300 12V lithium batteries for a total of 1200600 Ah or 2814.84 kWh, twelve 200W solar panels for a total of 2400W, and two Victron Energy 3000W 24V inverter/chargers. When boondocking, this system powers two air conditioners, several heat pumps, a microwave and a residential refrigerator.

Why Aaron and Tina switched to lithium:

“For the first two and half years of living full-time off grid in our RV we used Trojan deep cycle lead-acid batteries and constantly had battery anxiety. Tina would tell me I can only use the microwave if I turn on the generator, for example. We could only use 50% of our lead-acid batteries’ capacity, so we always worried about whether we were ruining our batteries by discharging them too deeply. We quickly realized we’d have to replace our lead-acid batteries every two years, compared to lithium batteries which can last a decade or longer. We’re really happy with our RELiON lithium batteries, as they can be discharged close to 100% and charge much faster. Our batteries are now fully charged virtually all of the time.”

Why Aaron and Tina chose RELiON:

“We love the breadth of products RELiON offers, as that has given us a lot of options. RELiON also offers one of the best lithium batteries and battery management systems on the market hands down. I’m continually impressed by their team’s depth of experience, knowledge and engineering capabilities. Unlike most other companies, RELiON has been building and iterating upon these battery systems for twenty five years. I’ve always had a great experience working with their team. Many of my close friends have also been taken care of really well by RELiON.”

How Aaron and Tina’s lithium system helped them challenge their limits:

“These batteries completely changed the way we’re able to live in our RV. We don’t have to spend time watering and maintaining the batteries. We’re also now able to boondock full-time without relying on any other power source unless it rains for two weeks straight, which we have yet to encounter. We could literally live off grid indefinitely and without worry thanks to our solar power and RELiON energy storage system.”

Aaron and Tina’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“From size to weight to longevity to depth of discharge, lead-acid batteries simply don’t compare to lithium batteries. Most importantly, lithium batteries offer peace of mind and allow you to continue traveling and adventuring comfortably and worry-free.”

Follow along with Aaron and Tina’s adventures to some of the most beautiful destinations in the U.S. on YouTube. Learn about Aaron and Tina’s solar energy and battery installation services for RVs.