Jacopo Gallelli

Major League Fishing Pro Angler

Ever since he was four years old, Jacopo always told his friends and family he was going to grow up to be a fisherman. He loved fishing so much that as a teenager he purchased a boat before he even had a car. It’s no surprise that his passion and talent for the sport eventually led him to become the first European angler to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic in fifty years.

After winning two B.A.S.S. Nation Championships in Italy back to back in 2018, Jacopo became a professional bass fisherman and began competing in more tournaments throughout the United States, including the FLW Toyota Series. Jacopo soon realized that in order to take his fishing to the next level, he needed to upgrade to RELiON lithium batteries to be able to fish for longer periods of time and to focus purely on his fishing when out on the water.

Jacopo’s power system includes:

Five long-lasting RELiON batteries power Jacopo’s Phoenix 920 ProXP Bass Boat, including three RB100s for the trolling motor and two RB100-HPs for the engine, depth finders, navigation lights and live well oxygenator. Jacopo keeps the second RB100-HP battery on his boat, just in case, but has never needed to use it, as his single RB100-HP battery has performed flawlessly.

Why Jacopo switched to lithium:

“Lead-acid batteries are not very long-lasting or durable, which is crucial when you’re out on the water for the majority of the day for days on end. I was tired of having to cut my fishing short to make sure I wasn’t left stranded on the water. I also wanted to shed as much weight as possible from my boat so that my boat could be faster and perform better during tournaments. After just two to three years, my lead-acid batteries failed, as they’re easily damaged by using them too much.”

Why Jacopo chose RELiON:

“My friend Anthony, who is also a bass fisherman, recommended RELiON batteries to me, as he said they’ve helped relieve many of the stresses he used to face when out on the water with lead-acid batteries. My first lithium batteries were RELiON batteries and my boat has performed far better ever since they were installed.”

How Jacopo’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“Not only can I stay out on the water for several more hours per day, but I can also rest assured that I won’t ever be stranded on the water again. Before my RELiON batteries, I expected to be stranded on the water at least three to four times per season. Now that I no longer have to worry about whether I’ll have enough power for the day, I can focus solely on improving my fishing.”

Jacopo’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“They’re so much more reliable and long lasting. No comparison. It’s a no brainer!”