Quin Schrock

Everchanging Horizon

Although Quin Schrock, a native Californian, was raised in a traditional family, he always knew he wanted something more than a typical nine to five desk job and to be able to travel often. After spending several years as an accountant, Quin had saved up enough money to slowly transition to full-time van life. Along the way, he discovered he had a knack for photography as well as digital marketing.

Quin is now a successful photographer, van lifer and digital nomad and his photography business has taken him to every continent in the world except Antarctica. The only thing holding him back from living to his full potential was his power system, which proved unable to provide reliable, long-lasting power for his Mercedes 4x4 Sprinter van, which serves as his primary office as well as his home.

Quin’s power system includes:

Two RELiON RB300 lithium batteries and a 500W solar roof deck made by Tiny Watts power the lighting, heater, air conditioner, induction stovetop, water pump, fans, appliances and a fridge within Quin’s van.

Why Quin switched to lithium:

“Lithium batteries are much more efficient and compact than lead-acid batteries. Both of my two previous vans used lead acid batteries and I’d run out of power constantly. I now have three times the usable battery capacity with my lithium batteries - all while taking up far less space and weighing less than half as much.”

Why Quin chose RELiON:

“I did a ton of research into the most reputable battery companies and RELiON easily came out on top. My newest van that uses RELiON lithium batteries was my ‘no compromise’ build. I was tired of always running out of power and wanted the best of the best. I’ve been extremely happy with my RELiON batteries.”

How Quin’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“My new RELiON system has allowed me to be a lot more self-sufficient and spend more time exploring remote destinations. I’m able to discover more unique scenery and capture better shots now that I have sufficient power to last me for hours, days and weeks on end. I’ve also recently gotten into climbing and can stay out at sites for longer periods of time, which has helped push me physically. I can now focus on actually living and adventuring and less time worrying about my living situation.”

Quin’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“If you’re using lead-acid batteries, you’re significantly compromising your quality of life. You only have one life to live, so you might as well opt for the best of the best. It’s 100% worth the investment.”

What Quin loves most about his new career and lifestyle:

“I love the lack of routine, the freshness of every day. I also love inspiring people through my life and work to live more passionately and to try to succeed doing what they love. It’s never too late to feel more alive.”

Follow along with Quin’s travel adventures and awe-inspiring photography on Instagram: @everchanginghorizon.