Come Alive Outside

Health & Wellness

Come Alive Outside started as an initiative in 2010 that partnered with landscape professionals across the country to hold design challenges and Green Street challenges. In 2014 this initiative was formed into a nonprofit working on creating a more sustained and focused regional impact. Come Alive Outside launched its first regional chapter in Rutland, Vermont in 2017 and began producing long-term community programming. These programs include Mile-A-Day challenges, outdoor passports, and ParkRX. All of these programs work to increase peoples time outside to have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. Today Come Alive Outside serves 25,000 children and adults across North America with the goal of connecting people to the health and wellness benefits of the outdoors.

Employees of RELiON have enjoyed participating in the Mile-A-Day challenges and learning more about the health and wellness benefits of the outdoors. After participating in the 100 Miles, 100 Days walking challenge, RELiON is proud to be able to sponsor Come Alive Outside’s next challenge 50 Miles, 50 Days. To learn more about Come Alive Outside and RELiON’s partnership with them, check out our interview with Come Alive Outside’s Executive Director, Arwen Turner.