Captain Leon Dana

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Seven years in as a full-time fishing guide, Captain Leon still doesn’t feel like he’s worked a day. In addition to his love of nature, Leon is motivated each day to put a smile on his customers’ faces. People come to Leon to take their minds off of life’s hardships, to relax and have fun. In order to take customers out for longer periods of time and into more shallow waters to have a truly once in a lifetime experience, Captain Leon realized he needed to upgrade his lead acid battery bank to much more lightweight, reliable and longer lasting RELiON lithium batteries.

Captain Leon’s power system includes:

Three reliable, lightweight and long-lasting RELiON RB100 batteries power the 36V trolling motor on Captain Leon’s 18 foot Maverick Mirage HPX-V guide boat. Captain Leon plans to eventually upgrade his boat to a 23 foot Pathfinder 2300 HPS boat in order to fit an additional passenger. This new guide boat will also use three RB100 batteries to power the trolling motor.

Why Captain Leon switched to lithium:

“I switched to lithium due to the significant weight savings and much greater power output. Every other boat on the water starts to slip, and its batteries start to die, very early on in the day. Most boats just can’t hang with mine. My customers and I usually end up having the water to ourselves the whole second half of the day. Even as I spend the whole charter running my trolling motor at 75-85%, most everyone else I see has to turn around and head back two to three hours before me. The power output from these lithium batteries is absolutely amazing.”

Why Captain Leon chose RELiON:

“I met an extremely knowledgeable RELiON representative at a boat expo and we got into some in depth conversations about lead-acid versus AGM versus RELiON lithium batteries. I was already familiar with the weight savings that lithium batteries could provide, but we talked about what size would be ideal for my boat and my needs and the much higher power output that RELiON batteries could provide. The RB100 is optimal due to the fact that I’m often treading through heavy currents for long periods of time. I’ve been very satisfied ever since I made the switch and haven’t looked back.”

How Captain Leon’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“Simply put, my RELiON batteries have made my job as a guide much easier. My RELiON battery bank took care of more than half of my obstacles as a fishing guide. I depend on the reliability of my trolling motor to ensure my clients have truly unforgettable experiences through fishing for longer periods of time and in more remote waters. The RELiON batteries have removed about three hundred pounds from my boat, which has allowed me to traverse shallower waters as well as drag less and thereby increase my speed to reach ideal fishing spots faster. I also no longer have to change out my batteries every few years and can now focus exclusively on providing a truly unforgettable fishing experience for each of my customers.”

What Captain Leon loves most about being a charter fishing guide:

“I love that I get to be outside all day every day for a living, but most importantly, I love inspiring young people to develop a true appreciation for fishing and all of the joy that nature can offer. The world needs more tackle boxes, less Xboxes.”

Captain Leon’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“From weight savings to battery life to power output, there is no comparison.”

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