Bruno Pisani

Photographer + Videographer

Bruno is a full-time photographer, videographer, and digital nomad based primarily in the Alps. After years of exploring by car, Bruno learned that in order to produce more content, as well as more unique content from less traversed areas of the Alps, he needed to upgrade to a more comfortable van with a robust power system. He recently selected reliable, lightweight RELiON lithium battery solutions and a solar array to power his multiple month-long van journeys, which have directly benefited his business and provided him with greater peace of mind.

Bruno’s power system includes:

Bruno’s Fiat Ducato van is powered by one reliable, long-lasting RELiON RB200 lithium battery and a 400W solar array. This solar-plus-storage system powers Bruno’s cameras and computers as well as the refrigerator, lighting, fans, and speakers in his van.

Why Bruno switched to lithium:

“Lithium batteries are by far the best option for camper vans. They’re much lighter and more efficient than lead-acid batteries. They can also be discharged more deeply than lead-acid batteries, which can only be discharged about fifty percent. That means I have about double the energy with a much smaller footprint, which is crucial for full-time van life.”

Why Bruno chose RELiON:

“After thoroughly researching lithium battery options, I came to realize that RELiON is the top lithium battery brand. They have excellent customer service and a stellar engineering team that has invested a lot of time and effort into producing top-notch products with impressive Battery Management Systems and a long lifespan. I also love that they give a portion of their proceeds to environmental causes, as the environment is obviously very important to me as a nature photographer.”

How Bruno’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“Thanks to my RELiON battery, I’m now able to travel for work or pleasure for months at a time. This has enabled me to be more efficient and produce far more content. Previously, I could only stay out in the mountains filming and taking photos for a week at a time before I had to head back to find a restaurant or bar to recharge my devices and plan my next trip. Staying out longer in the mountains not only allows me to produce more content, but it also gives me the opportunity to hike to more remote locations that other photographers are not usually able or willing to find, which has resulted in far more unique, and thereby valuable, content.”

Bruno’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“There really is no comparison. From the weight to the depth of discharge to the lifespan to the space savings, it’s no wonder so many van lifers have selected these batteries to power their adventures and mobile offices.”

Follow along with Bruno’s adventures throughout the Alps and beyond on Instagram and YouTube.

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