The Best 12V Lithium Battery To Power Your RV

Posted June 01, 2022

With vacation time rapidly approaching, it is important to prepare your recreational vehicle for any long-distance road trips or boondocking escapes so you can relax and enjoy those beautiful destinations. Reliable power for your RV should be top of mind. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s power bank and are trying to choose the right battery, the InSight Series® 12V and 12V-LT offer features and benefits unlike any other. This game-changing battery offers the same benefits of lithium technology plus superior efficiency, optimal performance and flexibility, safety, and its own built-in intelligent battery management system.

Safety First

Most battery compartments are near the living or sleeping quarters in an RV. You want to sleep well at night knowing the batteries that are close by are safe. The InSight 12V batteries use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, one of the safest Lithium-ion chemistries. LiFePO4 batteries are incombustible, non-toxic, and non-contaminating. No outgassing, no fumes, and no pollution. Enjoy reliable power, while protecting your environment, using these non-hazardous batteries.

Insight 12V lithium smart battery

Unmatched Power and Efficiency

The InSight 12V batteries offer superior performance and unparalleled convenience. This 120 Amp-hour powerhouse lithium battery is capable of 3,200 watts continuously (for two minutes) from a single battery and offers a higher peak discharge, meaning you can run multiple appliances at the same time with just one battery and still have plenty of power left over. No more worrying about uneven or worrisome power distribution. This battery offers capabilities unlike any other for your vehicle, allowing you to disconnect further from the grid, power electronics longer, and connect to shore powerless.

Cold Weather Performance

Ready to beat the heat? No matter where you’re going in your RV, the InSight 12V-LT Low Temperature (LT) model is ready for any temperature and adventure. Featuring our Low-Temperature Series technology that can safely charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F), this battery is self-sufficient, drawing power from the charger itself, and requiring no additional components. Heating and charging are entirely seamless. For current lead-acid users, this offers a solution for any situation in a cold-weather environment.

Built-in Intelligence & Quality

The InSight 12V has a super-smart Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS never leaves you wondering about the state of charge and battery life. The BMS hardware is entirely solid-state, so there are no moving components, making it more durable and keeping the operations of the battery much smoother. InSight’s BMS can not only calculate the state of charge and health but additionally provides precision balancing within the battery and between batteries in a parallel system without the need for charging batteries individually – saving you time and energy.

You can customize a lot about your RV, but you can’t customize the battery. Not only are InSight batteries built smarter, but they’re also built to the highest quality standards. A trustworthy solution backed by a 10-year warranty.

Drop-in, Standard Size

The lightweight, GC2-sized InSight 12V offers not only innovative internal technology but also offers easy placement in your RV. It weighs only 34.4 lbs., so no heavy lifting is required, and you can drop it into your set-up with easy installation and uncomplicated connections. Additionally, it’s scalable, making it simple to provide increased power and energy (up to 1200Ah) as needed. InSight batteries are connected in parallel (up to 10) which means you have the freedom and flexibility to use the right number of batteries for your particular needs.

It offers so many unique features that allow you to relax while giving you high power energy to explore. Whether it be running those essential (and the not-so-essential) appliances, the Insight 12V has you covered and is ready to give maximum power. You’re able to run what you need when you need it without the worry of using too much energy or draining the system. If you need to calculate your energy needs and find the optimal battery for your application and usage, visit our Lithium Battery Selector Tool. Ready to learn more? Connect with us and we help get you started with the best battery for your RV.