Tech Tuesday | How Many InSight 48V Batteries Do You Need

Posted July 14, 2020

In this video, we discuss how many RELiON InSight 48V batteries you need for your golf cart or personal transportation vehicle (PTV). InSight batteries are the perfect drop-in replacement for lead-acid as these batteries feature a SuperSmart BMS, intelligent cooling, easy installation and much more. Watch this video to learn exactly how many you need for your set-up!

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If you are looking at lithium batteries for your golf car or PTV, chances are you are replacing the lead-acid batteries that came with the vehicle so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a lithium battery.

Replacing lead-acid batteries with RELiON’s InSight lithium is really simple, the only decision you have to make, is how many batteries to use.

Let’s start with what you have and then look at where you go from there.

Given a 48-Volt vehicle made up of 8-Volt batteries is by far the most common, we will focus on that system. When you use 8-Volt lead-acid batteries, you MUST use 6 batteries to get the required 48-Volts to run your vehicle. There are various batteries available, offering different amounts of energy, but once you choose a particular one, you are stuck with it, unless you replace the entire set of batteries. In other words, if you install 170 Amp-hours, you have committed to that capacity for the life of the battery set.

If you choose to replace lead-acid batteries with RELiON InSight lithium batteries, not only can you choose the number of batteries to get the capacity or mileage you want, but you can change your mind at any time. That’s right, you can start with a particular amount of energy and add more if you decide you want more mileage.

RELiON InSight batteries are the exact same size as your lead-acid battery but each battery is 48-Volts, rather than 8-Volts. So, you don’t need to install a specific number of batteries to meet the voltage requirements – you install the number of batteries that will give you the mileage range you desire, and you simply connect them in parallel. You can use as few as 2 batteries or up to 6 batteries in a typical golf car - and more - if you can fit more in your vehicle.

How many batteries you use, depends on your individual needs. Depending on the vehicle make, the terrain, the load in the vehicle and driving style; 2, InSight batteries will provide 20 -35 miles and 3 will provide 30 -50 miles. For light usage we suggest using 2 batteries whereas if you use your vehicle to play golf and get around your neighborhood, then you might want to try using 3 batteries. You can always add another battery to your vehicle if you decide you want even more range.

To learn more about how to calculate your energy needs and find the optimal battery for your application and usage, visit our Lithium Battery Selector Tool.

Be sure to check out our InSight 48V batteries on our website and, as always, thanks for watching.