Tech Tuesday | InSight Series Battery Feature | Smart Hardware Design

Posted May 19, 2020

It's no secret our InSight series is an exceptional lithium solution for golf cars, low-speed vehicles and utility vehicles. In this week's Tech Tuesday, we're revisiting a few features of our InSight battery to show just how unique and reliable it is.

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Hi, I’m Simon. In this Tech Tuesday we’re revisiting our InSight Series battery and another feature that makes it truly unique - smart hardware design. InSight’s BMS hardware is entirely solid state - there are no moving components. This makes the battery more durable, particularly if you have it installed in a utility vehicle and keeps the operations of the battery much smoother. Sometimes under abrupt conditions, traditional lithium batteries with electromechanical components will have little hiccups. InSight’s hardware eliminates those, as does the software, as we’ll see below.

Another design advantage to using solid state components is heat generation and dissipation. Solid state components generate less heat, by design. InSight batteries use a lot of components on each board, more than any other BMS. On its own, this could lead to heat building up. But the arrangement of the individual components and the spacing of the boards dissipate heat more efficiently and more fully than any other battery, keeping the circuitry at an optimal temperature for operations and prolonging the life of the battery.

The other feature that keeps the temperature low inside the battery is the heat sink. The RELiON nameplate on the top of the battery is there because of the engineers, not the marketers.

Putting the heat sink on the top of battery gives the heat generated by all the electronics a path to the outside world. Most batteries have their heat sink within the battery, if they have one at all, which shuffles the heat away from the electronics but still traps it, causing the internal temperature to rise during extended use. Learn more about the InSight series on our website and please reach out to us with any questions. Thanks for watching.