Lithium Battery Terminals And Bolts Explained | RELiON

Posted September 22, 2020

In this Tech Tuesday, we’ll discuss the different insert terminals and bolts found on RELiON batteries. Depending on the model, RELiON batteries come with M6, M8, or M10 insert terminals. All batteries come equipped with bolts from the factory, but depending on how thick your ring connectors are, some customers may need to source different length bolts for multiple connections.

Bolt Measurements

An insert terminal is a type of metric fastener, a threaded hole that accepts a matching size metric bolt. Metric bolts are designated by their size, thread pitch, and length. We’ll use M8 x 1.25 x 12MM as an example because it is the size used on most RELiON batteries. *See the chart below to see what size bolt your battery is equipped with.

The full description for our M8 bolt is: M8 x 1.25 x 12mm.

M = Metric

8 = The nominal diameter in millimeters of the threaded portion of the bolt

1.25 = The pitch in millimeters of the threads (think of this as the distance between each thread)

12mm = Length of the bolt

Terminal Measurements

Terminal measurements are read the same way as bolts except the last length measurement is the depth of the terminal instead of the length of the bolt. With the exception of several larger models, RELiON batteries use a 10mm deep terminal. *See the chart below to see what size terminal your battery is equipped with.

Keep in mind, bolts come equipped with a washer and lock washer to maintain a snug fit between the terminal base and ring connector. Washers should always be added at the top of the bolt (closest to the head) so connections are in direct and flush contact with the terminal. Loose connections can introduce resistance, heat, and could damage your battery and or cause a fire. Be sure to check your model’s data sheet for the proper torque rating to tighten bolts to.

Bolts and Terminals Chart

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