Lithium Battery Banks Explained: Adding A Battery To Your Bank In The Future

Posted June 11, 2021

Do you need to add some extra capacity to your battery bank? Learn why adding a battery to your bank needs to be done soon after you install your initial setup.


What do you do when you install a lithium battery bank in your equipment and realize you should have bought more batteries? The performance is great, but you want more capacity and may be curious if you can add another battery to your setup. The short answer? Yes, but we highly recommend doing so sooner rather than later! Let us explain...

As a battery gets older with each charge-discharge cycle, the resistance of the battery goes up. When resistance goes up, the current passing through the circuit goes down. If you’ve kept your batteries balanced throughout their life, then they will all age at about the same rate, meaning thatall the resistances go up about the same amount, all the currents go down about the same amount.

The rule of thumb is that best practice suggests that you buy all the batteries you think you are going to need at the same time so it’s important to plan ahead. When sizing your battery bank, base everything on the most amount of power you might someday need. If you build your bank with one more battery than you really need, you’ll always have spare capacity and life span.

That said, we know budgeting is a real factor. Another option is to purchase the subsequent batteries in the first year or as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that if you are heavily using your batteries, you may want to add more sooner than the one-year mark. If you do add another battery from RELiON in the future, when you purchase from us,they’ll be close enough to.05V that you won’t have to do anything other than charge them all to full, hook-up, and go!

Ultimately, if you are looking to purchase an additional battery in the future, we highly recommend adding to your system within the first year of your initial purchase. RELiON is here to make sure you get exactly what you need. Contact us so we can talk through your plans and help you get the right batteries for your battery bank. Let us know what other questions you havein the comments section, and we’ll answer them in an upcoming video!

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