4 Things You Should Do To Prepare for Hurricane Season

Posted August 05, 2021

Did you know hurricane season is May 15-November 30 in the Eastern Pacific and June 1-November 30 in the Atlantic? This means many people throughout the United States could experience power outages, flooding, and more, leading to difficulties with travel, property damage, and product shortages. According to the Center For Disaster Philanthropy, by the end of 2020, there were 30 storms that had been categorized as either hurricanes or tropical storms. These storms caused almost $47 billion in damages, making last year the seventh costliest hurricane season in history. Instead of panicking in the moment, we advise you to prepare for these events so that when dangerous weather threatens your plans, you’re ready to take the appropriate measures. Here are 4 things to know so that you will be prepared for this year's hurricane season.

  1. Get Emergency Supplies
  2. Make an Emergency Plan
  3. Prepare an Evacuation Plan
  4. Look To Protect Those At Risk

Get Emergency Supplies

Outlaw Portable Emergency Backup Power

There are many items you can include in your Emergency Kit, but there are a few essentials such as food and water, medical supplies, and important documents that you won’t want to exclude from your kit. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you have an emergency power source. Keep in mind that this should be light enough that you could grab and go at a moment’s notice. Luckily, RELiON lithium battery products are known to be lighter weight than alternatives, here is what we recommend for your kit.

  • The Outlaw® 1072S is a portable power station that weighs about 32 lbs. This could easily be placed by your Emergency Kit. With a sturdy top handle, you can truly grab and go. The Outlaw is an excellent backup power option that offers no gassing or fumes and isn’t loud like a generator. It can be used to charge a number of appliances and electronics from laptops and phones to a small heater or television.

Make An Emergency Plan

Once you gather the items for your Emergency Kit, you’ll want to make a plan of action should you need to use it. Determine where your kit will be placed within your household, who will have access to it, and who will be the one to grab the kit should you need to leave your home. You will also need to select a place you will go should you need to leave your area and discuss how you will get there. If leaving by car, make sure to have plenty of gas for your vehicle. Be sure to inform everyone within your household of this plan and discuss it with them to ensure everyone is comfortable when and if the time comes.

Prepare To Evacuate

Hurricane Evacuation Route

During hurricane season, it is wise to turn on your local news or receive weather alerts on your phone. You may also need to prepare the outside of your home with hurricane shutters or bring any outdoor furniture inside. Don’t forget to pay attention to local guidance, evacuation orders, and evacuation routes. Should you be in an area that must evacuate, remember the plan of your household and grab your Emergency Kit along with portable backup power such as the RELiON Outlaw 1072S.

Protect Those At Risk

If you live in a household with someone with a disability, elderly people, or a pet, remember to keep this in mind when creating your emergency plan. Will you need additional help in order to evacuate? Do you have a place in your kit for medicine or pet supplies? Consider these items when you plan ahead so that you don’t panic in the moment. In addition, if you know you have neighbors that are at risk, be sure to check in on them should it be safe to ensure they are okay.RELiON Portable Backup Power For Indoor Lights

Ultimately, you can only prepare so much for something that has yet to happen. However, it is best to begin thinking about if you were to be in an emergency weather situation, what you would do. And, if you are in need of backup power options, RELiON has many product offerings that could fit your needs. If you have questions about which RELiON product is best for you, contact us.