RELiON Battery and Progressive Dynamics Innovate RV Power

March 02, 2016

Fort Mill, SC, March 3, 2016 – Lithium-ion battery leader, RELiON Battery has joined forces with battery converter charger manufacturer, Progressive Dynamics and leader in recreational vehicle production, Forest River, Inc. to change the way recreational vehicles are powered in the new Forest River Forester/Sunseeker Ford Transit series of RVs.

Long hailed as superior to lead acid batteries, lithium batteries boast double the energy output within the same space for 70% less weight. “We are excited to showcase the power of lithium to a new audience,” says Paul Hecimovich CEO of RELiON. “We are thrilled to partner with innovators Progressive Dynamics and Forest River to become a name partner in the new Forester/Sunseeker Ford Transit series of RVs and decisively display lithium’s accessibility and low maintenance.”

Echos Progressive Dynamic’s Michael Walters, “We pride ourselves on the quality of our lithium chargers and converters and seek to bring solutions and quality to end users. We believe that this new partnership with RELiON Battery and Forest River will change the way the RV market views lithium.”

Forest River used a single RELiON™ RB100 lithium-ion deep cycle battery as a
comparison with two dual lead acid 100 amp batteries commonly used in their
RVs. They applied actual electrical loads and simulated higher amp loads like those found in RVs. The conclusive test displaying lithium’s benefits led Forest River to install the Progressive Dynamics PD4060LIK converter/charger and the RELiON™ RB100 lithium battery in their new Forester/Sunseeker Ford Transit series.

The tested lithium battery showed multiple advantages over lead acid batteries, including longer life, no freezing in extreme temperatures, lighter battery weight, ability to mount in any direction, no maintenance required, 95% energy efficiency, no corrosion, lead free and does not require a fully charged condition for storage. Lithium batteries also offer faster charging times, charging to 99% in 2.5 hours versus up 13 hours for lead acid

“We were no strangers to the advantages of lithium technology over lead acid batteries,” said Kary Katzenberger of Forest River, Inc. “But seeing the side by side comparison made choosing Progressive Dynamics and RELiON a clear choice for our trusted RVs.”

About RELiON
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