Garia Selects RELiON to Power Industrial Utility Vehicles

October 16, 2017

Charlotte, NC, October 17, 2017– Garia, a leading manufacturer of golf and utility vehicles, has chosen RELiON Battery as its primary supplier of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) to operate a fleet of all-electric Garia Utility vehicles.

“RELiON is thrilled to be selected as a supplier to Garia Utility for their lithium battery needs Unexpected downtime and recurring maintenance can be costly, therefore a reliable power source is extremely important for service vehicles. Our extensive line of LiFePO4 batterie provide a high level of performance and we look forward to supporting Garia’s customer requirements with our advanced battery technology,” said Paul Hecimovich, CEO of RELiON Battery.

The Garia Utility vehicle is built like a compact utility truck from the ground up, with no compromises on features. The Garia Utility combines reliability, ergonomics and zero emission with comfort, functionality and thoughtful design. RELiON’s LiFePO4 batteries are a perfect complement - engineered to maximize electric vehicle reliability and offer the benefits of no maintenance, more efficient charging and reduced weight, resulting in overall lower cost of

RELiON was selected based on the company’s ability to deliver high quality batteries that match the Garia Utility’s needs. “We are very impressed with RELiON’s ability to quickly adapt to our needs and requirements, and deliver a durable solution within a tight timeframe.” Says Jakob Holstein, CEO, Garia. “RELiON’s dedication to customer support is superior.”

The electric vehicle market is driving the industry to manufacture batteries that provide higher capacity and longer life, while reducing maintenance costs. In addition, various issues continue to impact the utility service industry from reduced budgets to environmental regulation changes. This makes battery selection critical to ensuring the reliable operation of delivery vehicles. RELiON’s batteries undergo rigorous testing to ensure a consistent product that is guaranteed to maximize reliability, reduce downtime and extend battery life. “We are pleased to partner with a global leader like Garia and look forward to a long partnership bringing LiFePO4 batteries to the electric vehicle market,” said David Chambers, Vice President of Sales of RELiON Battery.

About Garia Utility
In 2015, with 10 years of experience in the luxury electric vehicle market, Garia embarked on an entirely new journey: the Garia Utility. A compact utility vehicle that combines reliability, ergonomics and zero emissions with comfort, functionality and thoughtful design. Made of high quality European components, the Garia Utility is one of a kind. Learn more about the Garia Utility at

About RELiON Battery
RELiON is a global innovator of battery storage ideas. Founded in 2014, the company is on a mission to bring LiFePO4 battery solutions to the global market. RELiON products power a range of applications including, Recreational Vehicles, Marine, Electric Vehicles, Solar Powered Solutions and more. The company offers a full range of services and high-quality products that continue to pave the way forward to a greener and more efficient future for energy storage. For more information on RELiON, visit