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The RB35-X is a 12V 35 Ah lithium deep cycle battery in the RELiON X-Series. Our X-Series batteries allow for higher peak and higher continuous discharge currents compared to our standard lithium batteries of the same size. This is ideal if you have a physical size constraint but need higher power, or if you want to increase the power but you don’t need the extra energy that comes in our standard lithium offering. The RB35-X is commonly used in the following applications: fishing electronics, robotics, solar lighting, remote power, outdoor adventures and other deep cycle applications.

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The RB35-LT is a 12V 35Ah lithium battery and is part of RELiON’s Low-Temperature Series. This lithium iron phosphate battery is specially designed for cold-weather performance. RELiON’s LT Series batteries can safely charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F) using a standard charger. The system features proprietary technology which draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. The RB35-LT is ideal in a variety of applications including small solar energy systems, remote monitoring, LED lighting and traffic control cameras. It has all the benefits of lithium batteries including installation flexibility and no maintenance, with the added ability to charge in cold weather climates.

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The RB50-HP is a 12V 50Ah lithium marine battery in RELiON’s High-Performance series. This lithium iron phosphate battery is specially designed to handle both starting and cycling. It delivers powerful cranking amperage for easy starting, and low amp draw service for reliable auxiliary power. RELiON’s HP Series dual-purpose batteries are a perfect compromise between the unique demands of starting service and deep cycling, low amp draw service. It’s versatile and compact enough to be used in many marine applications including smaller boats with lower battery requirements, boats that require two of the same batteries and boats with electrical systems designed for just one battery.

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This 12V 80 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is a safer, more lightweight alternative to lead-acid in your marine, solar, RV, or other applications. At 25 lbs, this battery is less than half the weight of a lead-acid equivalent, helping to fight against the drag caused by heavier options.

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This 24V 20Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is perfect in many applications, including solar energy systems. It maintains consistent power and is equipped with an M8 terminal type and a built-in battery management system (BMS).

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