Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network

Marine Life

LMMN educates beach visitors hoping to see local dolphins and works with local school children to help them become marine stewards. LMMN with the help of volunteers organizes dolphin counts in 9 different locations in the Charleston area. While these dolphin counts help LMMN collect valuable information, they also help educate the public on dolphin behavior. The more informed the community is, the more they respect the dolphins and their natural habitat.

Each year, South Carolina sees between 65-80 stranded marine mammals. LMMN works in partnership with The South Carolina Marine Mammal Stranding Network to help respond to these strandings along the coastline. This work is so important and RELiON is happy to be able to support LMMN by providing funding for the gear for the team, a camera, camera lense, and other necessary tools to continue their work protecting Charlestons dolphin population. In 2022, RELiON is sponsoring their Dolphin Count event.