Lee Asher

The Asher House Animal Sanctuary

In all the time that Lee Asher was traveling in his RV around the U.S. rescuing animals and hosting adoptions with his nonprofit, he knew that he would eventually start an animal sanctuary of his own one day. Now, after three years of living the van life, Lee has settled in Oregon and supports over 50 dogs with his dedicated team of employees. We talked to Lee about his power system and how his lithium batteries have fueled his animal sanctuary.

Lee’s RV Power System Includes:

Lee currently has a 2007 Blue Bird All-American School Bus, or skooly. Eight long-lasting RELiON 12V Insight batteries power the whole bus and everything on it, including the heating and AC, electronics, and radios.

Lee Asher and Rescued Dogs

Why Lee Switched to Lithium Marine Batteries:

"I was originally using lead acid batteries, but I faced issues with them draining too quickly as well as charging too slowly. Over time, people in the van life community encouraged me to consider lithium batteries, as they had worked well for them. Now, with lithium batteries, I am better able to handle extreme weather conditions and I have a reliable, more durable, and long-lasting system overall.”

How Lee’s Lithium System Helped Him Challenge His Limits:

“The biggest thing with van life is trying to eliminate as many problems as possible that we may face when living on the road. If we can get that sense of confidence before we hit the road, then we have the peace of mind we need to make sure the dozens of dogs we have with us at any given time are safe and taken care of. Our RELiON batteries have really given us the confidence to be anywhere anytime and freed us up to take care of the animals more and worry about our power system less.”

Why Lee chose RELiON Lithium Batteries:

"RELiON came highly recommended to me through the van life community. Many of my peers had used their batteries and had nothing but positive things to say, including the fact that they saved a lot of weight during their travels, and were able to feel comfortable for long periods of time away from locations with electric outlets and running water. After all the good things I heard, I decided that I would give RELiON a try too.”

Lee’s Advice for Anyone Thinking About Switching to Lithium:

"In my case, before I leave the house, I know that I will be going somewhere that has no electrical plugs or access to running water. As a result, I do my best to make sure that myself and the animals have reliable access to power, water, and cooling or heating while on the road. Lithium batteries help me achieve all of this. My advice would be to not even debate it, but rather just make the switch, as you will be happy you did because it’s the right choice. You may think that alternative batteries are a more economical choice, but in the long run, you will have to keep replacing your batteries and fixing them, which will cost you far more.”