Jonathan Kelley

Bassmaster Elite

Jonathan grew up on the water fishing. He held a pole for the first time when he was three years old, and spent many years thereafter competing with his father. In college, Jonathan became the vice president of the Coastal Carolina University bass team. While at CCU, Jonathan competed in four national championships and placed second at Winyah Bay. Having won Bassmaster Northern Open Angler of the Year in 2021, Jonathan is looking to build on his progress this year. Jonathan made the switch to RELiON’s lithium batteries because they allow him to spend more time out on the water practicing without worrying if the batteries will last him through each day.

Jonathan’s power system includes:

Jonathan’s Ranger 521L boat uses three long-lasting RB100 batteries to power his trolling motor. His boat also uses two RB100-HP 12V 100Ah lithium batteries for cranking and to power all electronics on his boat - from fishing poles to wells to maps.

Why Jonathan loves bass fishing:

“As a professional angler, I have the opportunity to help the sport develop and teach others who could also one day become professional fishermen. When I was young, my dad and his buddies took me out to teach me how to fish, and it’s really rewarding to be able to do that for the kids I teach now.”

Why Jonathan switched to lithium:

“I’ve been using lead acid AGM batteries for my entire career, but I made the switch this past season. I went from carrying four AGM batteries weighing nearly 300 pounds to carrying five RELiON batteries that only weigh 150 pounds. Having a lighter boat not only allows you to accelerate faster, it also enables you to navigate more shallow waters. Also, with the amount of time I spend on the water, I need to be confident that my equipment will last throughout each day. Lithium batteries give me the ability to stay on the water longer, without worrying about battery life. Since switching to lithium, I haven’t ever had to deal with the batteries dying, even after running the trolling motor all day.”

Why Jonathan chose RELiON:

“Having used other RELiON products during tournaments this past season, I knew I could trust this top-tier brand. This company uses the most advanced technology and has a wide variety of lithium battery shapes, sizes and capacities to meet the needs of any application. Their products are versatile and more powerful than any lead acid or lithium battery I have come across. I have full confidence that their long-lasting and powerful batteries will get me through all of the back-to-back long days I have on the water.”

How RELiON batteries have helped John challenge his limits:

“I often fish on the St. Lawrence River, which is known for its powerful currents. RELiON batteries have given me the ability to navigate through the strong current all day long on the trolling motor. As a result, I’ve been able to get more and more trophy smallmouth catches.”

Jonathan’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“Being able to stay on the water as long as you need is essential to improving your fishing skills, and switching to lithium batteries allows you to do just that. I highly recommend RELiON’s lithium batteries, as they are the most reputable brand on the market.”