Jake Whitaker

Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler

While Jake Whitaker started fishing due to his love of the outdoors and as a way to spend time with his father as a child in Asheville, North Carolina, he soon realized he had a knack for the sport. After participating on the University of North Carolina Charlotte fishing team during his college years, Jake went on to fish in the Bassmaster Opens for two years. He then qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series during his third year out of college.

Jake now travels twelve to fourteen weeks out of the year to participate in professional fishing tournaments all across the U.S, most recently in Florida, Michigan, New York, Alabama and Texas. He still loves that he’s able to earn a living while out in nature, but Jake is also driven to succeed and his RELiON energy storage system has propelled him to a new level of confidence at his tournaments.

Jake’s power system includes:

Jake’s twenty one foot Triton TRX Bass Boat is powered by a total of four RELiON lithium batteries, including three RB100 and one RB100-HP batteries. The robust RB100-HP battery serves as Jake’s cranking battery that starts his motor in addition to powering his fish finding computer system and live well pumps for fish storage. Jake’s reliable RB100 batteries power the trolling motor on his boat.

Why Jake switched to lithium:

“Lithium batteries last a really long time and are extremely reliable, which is crucial for me as I often spend ten to twelve hours a day out on the water during tournaments and practice sessions. I can’t afford to have breakdowns on the water in my profession. It literally costs me time and money if that happens because if I’m not on the water catching fish, I’m not making money. Lithium batteries also weigh far less than lead-acid batteries, which enables my boat to perform much better.”

Why Jake chose RELiON:

“I had only ever heard great things about RELiON batteries and the company’s customer service. One friend of mine in particular, who is also part of the Bassmaster Elite Series, raved about these batteries constantly. I was definitely sold on RELiON after seeing just how reliable they were for so many of my colleagues. So far, my RELiON batteries charge much faster than my lead-acid batteries ever could and I’ve never had a problem with them running out of juice.”

How has Jake’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits?

“I now have complete confidence in my boat’s power system to the extent I can go an entire day without once worrying about whether my motor crank or the electronics on my boat will work. I have to make a ton of other decisions when I’m out on the water and the last thing I want to worry about is keeping my power system functioning. I know this power system will enable me to win more tournaments, as I no longer have to play it safe to ensure I have enough juice to last me the whole tournament.”

Jake’s advice to someone considering switching to lithium batteries:

“A lot of people look only at the upfront price point for lithium batteries and that scares them away, but lithium batteries are an investment in your equipment. After ten years, or perhaps even longer, you’re likely to still have your lithium batteries, whereas lead-acid batteries only last you two to three years maximum, sometimes even less. You need to factor in all of those replacement costs for short-lived lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries will give you more confidence, whether it be in fishing, camping or otherwise, and they will make your life so much easier.”

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