Connor Morris

Photographer + Videographer

From Princess Cruises to Toyota to, Connor Morris has been supporting well-known brands with travel photography and video for over six years. Connor fell in love with photography in high school, after he started using his dad’s old camera and then even further after receiving a new camera for his seventeenth birthday. He never envisioned he would transition from studying Business while holding down a part-time job to full-time travel photography, which has included trips to destinations like Indonesia, Europe and Alaska.

Although the majority of Connor’s travel photography career has been spent switching from hotel to hotel, he knew that at some point he wanted to take the plunge and build out a fully equipped van so that he could spend more time in the most exquisite, remote areas capturing the best photos. Once the pandemic hit in 2020, Connor decided to take the time to outfit a Mercedes Sprinter van, complete with solar power and RELiON lithium batteries. We spoke with Connor about his new system, what he loves most about his lifestyle and how his new setup has helped him challenge his limits.

Connor’s power system includes:

Connor’s four-wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter van is powered by 300 watts of solar power and two RELiON RB300-LT cold weather lithium batteries. This reliable system provides long-lasting power for Connor’s drone and camera batteries, two electric bikes, an induction cooktop, a refrigerator, lighting, a water pump and a water heater.

Why Connor chose lithium:

“I did a lot of research on my own as well as asked around in the van life community, and I found that lithium batteries are well worth the additional upfront cost. The primary reason I chose lithium over lead acid batteries was because of the much greater allowable depth of discharge, since you can generally only use 50% of the total capacity of lead acid batteries. I didn’t want to be limited to only using half of the batteries before having to recharge them, which would directly impact my independent lifestyle.”

Why Connor selected RELiON:

“Beyond hearing from my friends that RELiON has the best lithium batteries on the market as well as top-notch customer service, I was really interested in RELiON’s low-temperature lithium batteries. Standard lithium batteries can only charge if their internal temperatures are above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike the RB300-LT batteries. Since I travel for work to a wide range of regions and climates, including many that are below freezing, I didn’t want to have to think about whether my batteries will still function properly in cold climates.”

How Connor’s lithium system helped him challenge his limits:

“I’m constantly traveling and so it’s important to me - both personally and professionally - to be able to live off-grid for multiple weeks at a time, without worrying about whether I have enough energy to last me through the day. Before my RELiON battery plus solar power system, I used to have to limit my camping trips and rush off to charge my portable battery bank at coffee shops or else plan my trip around campsites with hookups. Now I can explore harder to reach regions - which usually make for the best photos and videos - for longer periods of time.”

Connor Morris

What Connor loves most about being a travel photographer and van lifer:

“I love being able to travel anywhere I want at any time. I can just pitch potential clients jobs on my trip and if they show interest, I travel to these destinations. I’m in control of my own schedule and get to work and make amazing memories while exploring.”

Connor’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“I’d highly recommend going with lithium off the bat, as you’ll avoid a lot of headaches down the line. They’re worth the higher upfront price point for total peace of mind. I never have to think about my energy system and can just focus on exploring and working, which I know is not the case for van lifers who have lead-acid battery systems.”

Follow along with Connor’s travels on Instagram (@connorrrmorris) and learn more about his work.