Chris Cenci

Fishing Pro

For Chris, fishing has been a long-standing family tradition. He learned to fish with his father and brothers when he was growing up, and eventually bought his own boat when he was 18 years old. For the last three decades, Chris has been involved in inshore and offshore fishing tournaments. His love for the sport is strong and drives much of what he does - from 2012 to 2017 he was the East Coast Division Director for the Power Pole Pro Redfish series and he has also designed and launched his own line for fishing tackle, Slayer Inc. Lure Company. He started this line because he wanted to make a superior design for anglers to use. He knows what it means to make the best products possible for fishing, and that’s why he uses RELiON lithium batteries. RELiON’s batteries are the highest quality lithium batteries that Chris has ever used, as they have reliably fueled him through countless tournaments well into the evenings.

Chris’s power system includes:

Chris’s Egret 21 boat uses three RELiON RB75s to power his 36 volt trolling motor. These batteries have worked so well that Chris recently decided to transition to powering all of the electronics on his boat with RELiON RB100s instead of his old AGM lead acid batteries.

Why Chris loves fishing:

“Fishing is more than a hobby - it’s become a part of my lifestyle and my business. I love tournament fishing because of the comradery during competitions and the chance to compete against some of the best in the game. I travel from Louisiana to Texas every year for these tournaments and I’ve found there’s no lack of things to learn or new products to try.”

Why Chris switched to lithium:

“I’m a firm believer that your equipment must be your top priority. All the time I spend on the water competing takes a toll on the equipment. I like to do my research before committing to a product and quickly discovered that lithium batteries would last much longer throughout each day. They’re also much lighter, which allows me to make a lot of long runs - now I can do 100 miles at once. The choice was easy when I recognized that lithium batteries would allow me to spend more time on the water with less maintenance needed.”

Why Chris uses RELiON:

“I don’t get behind companies if I don't truly believe in their products. I spent years using Yamaha products before I agreed to a sponsorship with them, and I’ve done the same with RELiON. Their batteries have a long run time and don’t take long to recharge. I’ve used other lithium batteries, but none have packed as much power in such a small battery as RELiON. For long-lasting and cost effective batteries I can depend on, RELiON is my go-to.”

How RELiON has helped Chris challenge his own limits:

“RELiON batteries have never left me stranded - I have been able to spend much more time on the water without needing to worry about my power source since I started using them. I put my equipment through a lot - over 30 professional top 10 finishes and seven wins. Whether I’m fishing for fun or in a tournament, I can always depend on RELiON batteries for a long day on the water.”

Chris’s advice for people considering switching to lithium batteries:

“These batteries are the most powerful, reliable, and true to voltage. I only use the best, and I recommend RELiON batteries to everybody. Make the switch and your system will be lighter, go faster, and last longer on the water.”