RELiON Battery Buyer's Guide

Prior to purchasing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, RELiON recommends that you understand the answers to the questions below. Doing this helps ensure the best possible outcome with your battery purchase.

Q: What is the battery application?

A: When purchasing a LiFePO4 battery, it is important to note the specific application requirements. System voltage, capacity needs, average continuous and peak loads, operating temperature range, charging needs, and space and weight requirements are all important factors to consider before your purchase.

Q: What are the operating voltage requirements of your application?

A: RELiON carries a wide range of 12V, 24V and 48V batteries with varying performance characteristics. See our Lithium Product Specification Guide for more details

Q: What are the “Peak” and “Continuous” amp draws of your application?

A: The available continuous and peak current of each RELiON battery is listed on the individual battery’s data sheet, available on our website via the Lithium Product page. You can also find this information in our Lithium Product Specification Guide.

Q: What is the duration or expected run time of your application?

A: To properly size a battery or batteries for any application, you should multiply the average current draw, in amperes, with the amount of runtime, in hours, needed before re-charging.

Q: What charging method is being used, preferred or required? Is an alternator charging method being considered?

A: For best practice charging, a Lithium Iron Phosphate charging profile should be used. See our Lithium Charging Instructions for more details.

Q: What batteries, if any, were previously used in the application (size, voltage, amp hour, quantity)?

A: Understanding the current battery setup, if available, will help to configure a suitable Lithium Iron Phosphate replacement.

Q: Are there any space and or weight limitations or requirements?

A: LiFePO4 batteries are lighter weight and typically smaller than most comparable deep cycle batteries. Understanding this can reduce both weight and space requirements in your application.

Q: Are there extreme temperatures in the operating environment?

A: LiFePO4 batteries can operate in extreme temperatures. For specifics, consult the data sheet for the specific battery to find discharging, charging and storage temperature ranges.

Q: Is your application mobile or stationary? Does your application require on-board charging?

A: Understanding the mobility needs of an application will help determine a suitable charging platform.

Q: Need a battery that is not listed on our Product Specifications Guide?

A: Contact RELiON for a custom solution. We may already have it!