Lithium Batteries for Recreational Vehicles

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When your journey involves countless miles or remote campsites, you need trustworthy power that won’t hold you back. Lightweight RELiON lithium batteries are maintenance-free, fast-charging, and environmentally friendly to provide reliable power and peace of mind while you enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet.

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Why You Need A Portable Power Station

Read about what a portable power station is and the advantages of owning one for off-grid power, camping, and any other outdoor activities.

Reliable Lithium Portable Power

A Portable Power Station For Your Off-Grid Needs

The Outlaw™ lithium portable power station is the perfect addition to the adventurous lifestyle. With 1000-watt continuous and 2000-watt peak performance, you can power anything from personal electronics to TVs, small refrigerators, and outdoor lighting. Powerful enough to power what you need, when you need it, and lightweight enough to take with you anywhere.

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Which RELiON Battery is Right for Your RV?

With so many different configurations, applications and needs, RV owners know finding a battery that checks all the boxes can be a challenge. The chart below shows common batteries purchased for use in different classes of RVs.

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RELiON Lithium Batteries for RV Life

NEW InSight GC2 12V


Designed specifically for RV deep cycle applications, the Low-Temperature Series, GC2-sized InSight 12V is capable of 2,048 watts continuous from a single battery. From powering the essentials to the non-essentials, the InSight 12V allows you to disconnect further from the grid, powering electronics longer and connecting to shore power less.

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Longer runtime = more cleaning time with the RB100. This 12V 100Ah deep cycle lithium battery is the perfect replacement for a Group 31 AGM, GEL, or lead-acid battery. The RB100 surpasses expectations by being versatile, compact, and more powerful than its lead-acid counterparts and has the capacity for nearly every application.

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The RB100-LT is a 12V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery that can charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F). The system features proprietary technology which draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. The RB100-LT is an ideal choice for use in any application where charging in colder temperatures is necessary.

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Our RB300 is a 12V, 300Ah lithium deep cycle battery. This Group 8D lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is ready to replace your heavy lead-acid battery bank in your RV or camper. It’s only 82 lbs for a true 300 Amp Hour lithium battery that provides 100% of its rated capacity.

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Lithium vs. Lead-Acid Batteries

Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency. In addition, the longer life span and ability to deep cycle while maintaining power makes them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution.

Lighter Weight:

Lithium batteries are typically half the weight of lead-acid batteries.

Drop-in Ready:

RELiON lithium batteries are available in a variety of BCI standard sizes for easy drop-in replacement.

Longer Life:

Up to 10X longer life span compared to lead-acid batteries.


RELiON lithium batteries are maintenance-free – no watering, no corrosion. Low self-discharge means the batteries don’t lose capacity when they’re idle, assuring that you have the energy you need, every time you need it.

More Useable Capacity:

25-50% more usable capacity than lead-acid batteries with full power available through most of the discharge.

Extra Safe:

Inherently safe chemistry coupled with the BMS and protective features at the individual cell level provide maximum protection.

Low Temperature Series

Our Low Temperature Series batteries look and operate exactly like our other batteries, with the same power and performance. They have the same charge time at above-freezing temperatures and feature the same dimensions, configuration, and connectivity of its standard counterparts. They’re an ideal upgrade for those who are still using lead-acid batteries in low-temperature environments.

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