Why Choose Lithium for Your Sailboat?

Long days of adventuring call for long hours of power. Sailboats have numerous components that require serious energy. Having a mobile power plant that can meet these extensive demands is crucial. Lithium batteries offer a solution to this need as they provide tremendous capabilities for those moments when you need to get away from it all.

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Our RB100 is a 12V, 100 Ah battery. A lightweight alternative to lead-acid, this deep cycle battery weighs in at only 30 lbs, so you can enjoy better acceleration and more agility on the water. The RB100 is the perfect replacement from a group 31 AGM, GEL or lead-acid Battery. It’s versatility allows it to fit in many marine applications, plus it’s dependable and requires zero maintenance.

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Our RB100-HP is a 12V, 100 Ah battery. Our HP Series batteries are high performing lithium starting batteries, which crank the starter of your boat's engine, and are the base of your electrical system. The RB100-HP provides the high power needed to start your motor, even after hours of powering your electronics.

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Our RB300 is a 12V, 300Ah battery. This Group 8D lithium iron phosphate battery is ready to replace your heavy lead-acid battery bank. The RB300 is a lightweight deep cycle alternative in your sailboat. The RB300 gives you the flexibility to replace several small, heavier lead-acid batteries in a single high capacity unit.

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This high performance 12V 300Ah lithium iron phosphate battery is ready to replace your heavy lead-acid battery. The RB300-HP is part of the RELiON HP Series (High Peak Performance) of batteries and is a safer, more lightweight alternative to lead-acid in your different marine applications. It maintains consistent power and is equipped with an M8 terminal type and a built-in battery management system (BMS). The RB300-HP battery meets UL, CE and IEC certifications.

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This is a 24V 100Ah lithium battery. It maintains consistent power and is equipped with an M8 terminal type and built-in overcharge protection, making it perfect for your sailing adventures. The RB24V100 battery meets UL, CE and IEC certifications. All RELiON LiFePO4 batteries have installation flexibility, fast-charging capabilities and are maintenance free.

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