Danielle Ferguson

VP of Marketing and Design

Danielle is a North Carolina native and alumna of UNC Charlotte. Over the last 15 years, she’s worked in corporate marketing for companies ranging in size and product offering – starting with the industrial manufacturing industry, to telecommunications & finance at Fortune 500 Companies, and now in the battery technology space. As the VP of Marketing and Design for RELiON Battery, a global lithium battery manufacturer based in South Charlotte, Danielle spearheads everything marketing related for the company. From content management to sales support, Danielle drives the company’s vision and brand into the international market. By day she is a marketing leader and by night a leader in life to two smart and beautiful children. She loves cooking, coaching cheerleading, being true to who she is and learning new ways to make the most of Alexa.

Fun Facts:

  • I Challenge My Limits by: Practicing yoga! When you work at a desk all day it’s easy to not give your body the movement it needs. I challenge myself to go to hot yoga every week to keep my mind and body healthy.
  • My favorite RELiON application: Bass fishing! We followed Pro Angler, Al Farace, at a tournament for a day shooting video and I got 'hooked'! I definitely have a new appreciation for the sport of fishing. It takes so much practice, patience and dedication. Who knew fishing could be so exciting!?!
  • The best part of working at RELiON: Getting to connect with adventurers doing amazing things. The people that use our products are some of the most interesting people I have ever met. Often times they live completely off-the-grid in an RV, sailboat or off-grid home. They travel the world truly living their best life! I admire their perseverance to live their dreams and glad that our batteries are there to power their way.